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Zoro has defeated Gouketsu, and makes his way to battle yet another: Psykos, the Head of the Monster Association. She's no Kaido, but still.

Both characters' strongest 7-A keys will be used. Shishi Sonson and Asura are restricted.

Speed is equalized.

Fight Location - Some random forest (idk)

Psykos - 1 (Schnee_One)
Zoro - 0
Inconclusive - 0
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If his class G is above Psykos's he should at least be able to throw slashing shockwaves at her while being Tk'ed.
If it isn't then stomp.
Pretty sure OP chars are somewhere above baseline Class G. So around 1 billion kilograms

6.3 or 9.3 billion kilograms = First Form Gyoro Gyoro <<< Second Form Gyoro Gyoro <<< Psykos

Ye pretty sure she crushes...


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I mean, not even Garou was unaffected by Gyro's tk before he adapted, so it's not just a simple willpower thing you can slap on to resist.

So yeah, she should crush rather easily.