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Pidgeotto and peugeot downgrade

The values for pidgeotto and pidgeot use the values calced here: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:WeeklyBattles/Energy_of_a_Tornado_and_Hurricane

The problem is that they use an F3 tornado as a "typical tornado" even though 94% of tornados are F2 or lower.

So an F3 tornado is NOT A TYPICAL TORNADO. 3 out of 4 tornados are F0 or F1. Using an F1 tornado (which is what a "typical" tornado actually is) gives us 33-50m/s winds and 5E+11 to 1.2E11J

Of course, this also assumes that the windspeed is constant throughout the enitre tornado, rather then strongest in the center and decreading in strength as you move out. For example assuming a linear decrease in strenght to zero as you go outwards gives a result only 1/6 of the original.



Then the calc bizarely asumes that the Tornado has a radius of 1 kilomter, which is pretty huge.

Butactually according to https://www.fema.gov/pdf/plan/6-ch-h.pdf the average width of a tornado is 300-500 yards, not 1 kilometer.

Using the middle figure we get a radius of 183 meters. Since 39% of tornados are F0's while 35.6% are F1's the median windspeed of a tornado should be one the lower end of the range for F1, but we'll be a bit generous and say 40m/s.

We get a mass of air of pi*(183m)^2*1000m*1.225kg/m^3=1.29E+8kg

1.29E+8kg*40^2*.5= 1.03E11J or 25 tons of TNT, so city block.

And this is if we assume the entire mass of air is spinning at the same windspeed, and is the same size as an actual tornado. So this estimate is quite generous.

Again if a character creates a Tornado then the energy output would depend on the Tornados size.

So if the Tornado isn't very wide, then the energy will likely be a lot smaller.

Then There's the hurricane calc.

Note for the Hurricanes, there is the energy output of the ENTIRE hurricane, and hurricanes are pretty big.

If the area which hurricane winds are applied to is much smaller, then of course the energy output will also be a lot smaller.

So unless we assume that the hurricane attack produces a FULL SIZED hurricane, which are often the size of COUNTRIES. Then the energy would be lower. And since this attack often MISSES, this makes the attack being that large quite unlikely. And then there's the collaraetal damage that would occur if the attack was that large.

I mean this is the pokedex description "The user attacks by wrapping its opponent in a fierce wind that flies up into the sky. It may also confuse the target."

Also, there's no mention of producing rain in the description of the attack.
And that profile say "Multi-City Block level+ via power-scaling" and I though "x via power-scaling" wasn't allowed.
>Character has an MCB+ calc

>Is MCB+ via powerscaling and Low 7-B via the calc
Jokes aside, who does Magnemite get his 8-A rating from? Since the 8-A feat actually belongs to Magneton.
Horsea is based of the flawed twister calc, diglets calc is not linked and the PIkachu one assumes half the building's volume is made of steel for some reason.