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Otus vs. Tiger Claw (An Overgrown Cat Pounces At An Owl) (Voting Completed)


The Forgotten, Yet Destined
VS Battles
After being blown into another dimension again by his nemeses, the Turtles, Tiger Claw finds himself in a new world filled with floating islands. Annoyed that he couldn't get anywhere, including back to his home dimension, he spent several days in this world until he eventually overheard a rumor of the mysterious Owl race and their advanced civilization higher in the sky. He also heard that one could easily fly around if they had an owl cloak, something which only the owls were allowed to use, and that the only known owls were in the village of Vellie. After a day of carefully traversing the floating rocks, he eventually found his way to Vellie, and spotted one of these owls traveling into a nearby cave structure. He followed him inside, preparing to launch a sneak attack, when goofy looking man who was already in the cave spotted him and warned the owl, who dodged out of the way in the nick of time. Tiger Claw demanded he give him his owl cloak, and when the man told him to bug off, this angered the mutant. He was tired of this dimension, so he extended his claws as the owl rose into the air carrying his ally, who had pulled out a gun, and the two squared off in preparation for a fight.

In the blue corner, we have Otus from Owlboy, and in the red corner, we have Tiger Claw from the 2012 TMNT series.

Takeshi 04
Tumblr pn1e0wtNRp1svgxe9o1 1280
-This is a fight to the death or incapacitation. No holds barred.
-Neither character are aware of each other beforehand, and there is no prep time.

-Otus is allowed to make use of his summoning to call allies, but Tiger Claw has no allies.

-This fight takes place in the Vellie Cave, giving Otus the home-court advantage.

-Speed is equalized.

With all this being said, let the debate begin!

Cat-Man: 0

Owl-Boy: 7 (Jackythejack, Tonygameman, Buttersamurai, ThisThingisReallyBroken, Sonicflare9, Oleggator, Peppersalt43)

Inconclusive: 0
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So considering that Tiger Claw can fly and I believe has a gun this is gonna be closer than I expected, but Otus should have some superior AP behind him to back up his slightly better versatility, and his thread manipulation can be used to restrain Tiger Claw for a time and prevent him from using his weaponry, or maybe even stop his Jetpack somehow.

Overall I think Otus takes this due to his versatility, likely better mobility and his AP advantage. Tiger Claw is smiled, and if he plays smart he could possibly win, but it's difficult to tell.