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(Not so) Pacifist Scientist fight against Demon Michael Jackson [5-1-0]

Sento have been following the lead for a while now until he find himself against the cause of the disappeance of so many people of this land. He would rush head first and transform.

-This is Muzan in his first key (8-A).

-Sento have Hazard level of 4.4 (8-A) during this fight and get all 60 Full Bottles and Hazard Trigger, Sento start off in NinninComic

-They are 30 meters away from eachother.

-Speed equalized.

-The fight take place in DIO's mansion for some reason, starting at the entrance at midnight.

-Sento have some general knowledge on what Demon in KNY verse can do.

Some Scientist; 5 (MagiSinbad,Jamesthetaker,Lucas,Velox,LinkSlayer)

Some Demon: 1 (ShadowWhoWalk)
This matches seem pretty interesting:

Sento at Hazard level of 4.4 is > Level 3.9 > Level 3, which scales to this feat. (198.4 tons of tnt)

Muza seem to scales for being superior than a bunch of 8-Bs, so that make him baseline 8-A. (100 tons of tnt)

So at very beginning, Sento already have AP advantage here, plus knowledge on what KNY verse Demon can do. I'm just gonna wait for a KNY supporter to come here then give my argument.
While I do give him knowledge on what KYN demon can do. But it is general knowledge as to what they are weak too and what usual mook can do but not Muzan himself.
I mean, general knowledge mean that Sento know that they can regen very fast (even low-level demon have High-Mid regen), adaptation against dangerous situation such as getting decapitated,...
Kamen Rider Xross said:
So first of all.

Does Sento have something to counter the Regenerationn?
GorillaMond is able to transmute stuff into diamond. He can even do it to flames somehow.
Also Build finisher tend to have the ability to vaporize the enemy upon contact. The one with AP much lesser than him.
Sento resist mind control pretty easily. His willpower has always been top notch, Build armor is plenty durable. Non of his blood will seep through, and he himself have plenty of range options.
The guy literally fights an alien who creates black holes without flinch. I think he could resist the fear hax.

Sento has a great options for ranges attacks: His Drill Crusher, GorillaMond's Voltech Finish, HawkGatling, FireHedgehog, LionCleaner, KeyDragon, KaizokuDensha, OctopusLight, RoseCopter, ToraUFO, KujiraJet, KirinCyclone, in some way SameBike and RabbitTank Sparkling Finish.

For no to mention that all of this forms can be amplificated X2 with the Hazard Trigger.

Also Sento's cells are influenced with the Nebula Gas, so *maybe* that could mitigated some of Muzan's abilities.
Can Sento resist fear hax?

Like Xross and Nice said above, Sento has a mind of steel when facing an overwhelming enemy. And the mental state of him wont be a problem once he activate the Hazard Trigger ( Which turned him into the black form in the video above), as he will gone berserk and goes all out to kill Muzan while extremely calculative to combat.

  • Dangerous Enhancer (ÒâçÒâ│Òé©ÒâúÒâ®Òé╣Òé¿Òâ│ÒâÅÒâ│ÒéÁÒâ╝ Denjarasu Enhans─ü) - A strengthening device located on the forehead. It forcibly triggers a struggling instinct via special strengthening agents that it inserts into certain parts of the brain, raising attack power. However, this function puts an excessive load to the user's mental state, and there is a risk of losing one's sense of self during long battles due to continuous use. Additionally, the strengthening agent affects the limbic system, especially the amygdala, which may cause mental changes after combat.

One scratch from Muzan is lethal, so how Sento deal with long range tentacles?

This is about Muzan's biological durability negation right ? All the riders in Kamen Rider Build can resist biological manipulation to some really high degree due to being able to resist the Nebula Gas, an extremely hazardous alien substance that could cause person to goes insane or even worse, mutated into a Smash (Basically, they are the monster in Kamen rider Build).

And Muzan AP is scailed to baseline 8-A (100 tons of tnt), while Sento is scailed to 194 tons of tnt. So Muzan will have a hard time to even scratch Sento's armor because even the enemy in the series that he scailed to already having a hard time to do so. Even if he does, the armor will automatically repair itself right away

  • BLD Signal HZ (BLDÒéÀÒé░ÒâèÒâ½HZ BLD Shigunaru HZ) - A data collection device located on the Dangerous Enhancer. It not only collects combat data in real time, but also performs emergency repairs on the body when necessary. It also collects data on the enemy, allowing the user to grasp their abilties.
if sento has any intel on his opponent's contact-based attack being lethal, he can always abuse intangibility from fullbottle's essence such as phoenix fullbottle
Also, his body is entirely cover in pretty durable armor made out of magical somewhat multiverse gas
The fear aura worked on incredibly willful and brave characters, so it is not like it only works on cowardly people without a mind of steel. Furthermore, its effects are not just psychological; it made Akaza bleed from his head, and it paralyzed Genya and made him limbs lose strength even though he was on the verge of going berserk.

Do Kamen Rider Build characters get general resistance to poison and hazardous substances? From what I've read, resistance to Nebula gas is not inherit, but is gained through gradual exposure (either through experimentations, or doing Kamen Rider transformations). A good case can be made about Sento's resistance to transforming into a demon, but Muzan can cause his blood to rupture and kill his opponent's cells, and he can even make his blood grow into arms and burst from inside his opponent.

Muzan has reactive power levels, so if given time he should power and blitz through the armor. How is Sento's stamina?
At this point in the series, Sento will have harden after traumatic experience after another. He have already experience massive breakdown and only came out stronger from it. It is possibly this willpower that allow him to break out of Tid, a time travel history stealing asshole, mindcontrol.

Just being exposed to Nebula Gas in small does can completely turn a perfectly normal human being into a Smash, basically monster of the week with the only thing resembling human about them is their body shape. Everyone who have Hazard level of 3 can no longer be turn into smash due to their resistance is too high and start to simply get amp by that instead.

Pretty high. Mid series Sento have already enter a representative death match between his country and another Rider. They fought for several hours to a stand still until he bust out his Hazard form.
Actually, yeah. Sento has show to resiste really dangerous poisons for long periods of times, like the venom of Stalk and Kamen Rider Evol Phase 1.

Sento's stamina has to be around the same as Banjo, who with Hazard Level around 4,0 and 5,0 fights with Evol Phase 1 all day until night, and it doesn't sighs of exhaustation when the battle ends. And Build Hazard, despite being Berserk, also has some level of reactive power: meanwhile more time he is in the Overflow State, his Hazard Level pretty fast, an example would be when he fight Stalk with KaizokuRessha Hazard. It goes from 4,0 to 4,4.
Muzan has reactive power levels, so if given time he should power and blitz through the armor. How is Sento's stamina?

Extending the time fighting Black Hazard form isnt really a good idea... Although in this state Sento is a berserker, but an extremely calculative one. If Muzan try to extend the time fighting Sento, then all of his fighting styles and behavior are already recorded inside the armor and Sento could utilize all of this data really well

  • BLD Signal HZ (BLDÒéÀÒé░ÒâèÒâ½HZ BLD Shigunaru HZ) - A data collection device located on the Dangerous Enhancer. It not only collects combat data in real time, but also performs emergency repairs on the body when necessary. It also collects data on the enemy, allowing the user to grasp their abilties.
  • Left Eye Rabbit HZ (Òâ¼ÒâòÒâêÒéóÒéñÒâ®ÒâôÒââÒâêHZ Refuto Ai Rabitto HZ) - The left eyepiece. The eyepiece. Enhances response speed and search accuracy, and a special olfactory sensor is incorporated to locate hidden enemies.
  • Ear Face Module HZ (ÒéñÒâñÒâ╝ÒâòÒéºÒéñÒé╣ÒâóÒé©ÒâÑÒâ╝Òâ½HZ Iy─ü Feisu Mojüru HZ) - The 'rabbit ear' on the Left Eye Rabbit section. Enhances Build's sense of hearing and predicts enemy movement by capturing their current movement, allowing for a quick counterattack.
  • Right Eye Tank HZ (Òâ®ÒéñÒâêÒéóÒéñÒé┐Òâ│Òé»HZ Raito Ai Tanku HZ) - The right eyepiece. Instantly performs calculations on ballistic trajectories to increase the hit rate of any handheld weapon that Build may be holding.
And what more ? The hazard trigger is made to trigger the user's emotion and constantly raising their hazard level (or power level in KR Build). Hence, the longer the Black Hazard form has to fight, the stronger Sento's power and resistance become. You can see it in this video. And eventually, with enough hazard level, it gonna bumb him into another tier, which is...solar system level.
It will give him a "likely far higher" (Continuously using Hazard Form trigger the user's emotion and constantly raising their hazard level).

It doesn't change his tier much. In the video, he was fighting Blood Stalk, who is still 8-A at the moment.
To be fair, in that moment Stalk was pretty much just screwing around because his Hazard Level should be already in +5,0. And before some say something, his Hazard Level can't be rise with the Transtream Gun and in the moment he obtain his Driver back he can use it without problem.
But still, there isn't any proof showing that he is beyond 8-A, partly because of Transtream Gun were restrict his true power.
He manage to fight in pretty fair terrain with Cross-Z Magma in the form debut.

But that beside the point. If not stopped, the Hazard Trigger would allow Sento to become stronger and stronger as the fight goes on.
Fear Aura is a spiritual attack that does both psychological damage and physical damage that Sento doesn't have spiritual resistance against, since he doesn't produce a "battle spirit" aura. Tanjiro was hardened by traumatic experience, and his will power allowed him to repeatedly escaped from nightmare manipulation by repeatedly committing suicide in his nightmares, yet he was still affected by fear aura despite his willpower. It doesn't seem like Sento has a counter to it.

From what I read, Sento was incapacitated by Evol's poison (he didn't die which is a resistance feat, but he was incapacitated). Breath Users have resistance against demon blood; for example a single scratch from Muzan is enough to immediately transform or kill a normal person, but a willing demon slayer would require several days to transform into a demon. The Demon Slayer Mark provides further resistance. Yet Muzan's blood injected through a scratch is able to kill those with the Demon Slayer Mark within minutes.

So Muzan's blood should be able to kill or incapacitate Sento if he injures him.

Muzan fought multiple prodigies with precognition at the same time, so he should be able to adapt especially if he is getting faster and stronger at an explosive rate.

Emotions only raise the Hazard level temporarily, and Level 5 is supposedly impossible to reach naturally with Banjo being an exception, and Sento jumped from 4.4 to 6 and got the solar system transformation after using the Pandora Box which he doesn't have in this fight.
Mind manipulation resistance still work on other form of mental manipulation no? Or has i been hearing it wrong.

And in no way is that biological manipulation. That is Evolt disease/poison manipulation two entieely different thing. One chane biological structure while the other just make the other sick as ****.

He can goes faster, but by how much? Or are you saying that there is no cap to his reactively evolution? And in this prompt Sento is undergoing massive emotion spike in this prompt. And just increasing Hazard level from 4 to 5 is massive already.

And again, unlike the Demon Slayers, he have everything that he need. CC, powernull, transmutation, range.