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Silent naga

2 of the strongest villains of their respective franchise. They also both embody their universe (Alpha much more so, however)

Both at their peak, speed equalized.

Who wins and why? The Corrupted White One or The Original Internet?
Naga is far smarter, while Alpha has Regenerationn. However, how potent is the Matter manipulation and Soul manipulation of Alpha? Depending on how it works, it could net him the win.
GimmyJibbsJr said:
Naga is far smarter, while Alpha has Regenerationn. However, how potent is the Matter manipulation and Soul manipulation of Alpha? Depending on how it works, it could net him the win.
Naga doesn't have much combat intelligence unless it's using minions, as all he did against Drago was smash into him like a freight train, much like Alpha did against MegaMan.EXE. Minions are not summoned by Naga himself (Hal G did so), which means he isn't allowed to have, though I will say that Naga is far smarter from an academic and strategic perspective.

And I wouldn't know. Although he DOES have absorption and he did absorb Bass.EXE casually, so there's that.
I mean, though it was brief, Naga did hold his ground against the highly experienced fighter that was Drago. But yeah, he is strategically and academically superior.

Anyway, assuming that the whole devouring thing can't bypass barriers, Naga could block most of Alpha's attacks, but Alpha also can summon barriers, so he too could stop Naga's attacks.

And while Naga can debuff Alpha through the use of one of his abilities, Alpha has Regenerationn... And also a physical weak point. So technically Naga could possibly exploit the weakness of it's body, but it also regens, and Alpha has barriers to protect him, so it may not even do him any good to try and break that shell.

Personally, I can see it going either way, what with Naga's intellect and debuffs, as well as Alpha's regen. And they both have powerful barriers to protect themselves. So I vote for inconclusive for now.
It's worth noting that Alpha can't be affected by status IICR, so IDK if debuffs will work.

And both have barriers but neither use them to block attacks from characters on their level.
In the final battle, Naga does use his barrier (Sykuria Shield) against Drago, but Drago was packing so much power that he broke through it with one attack.
Wait a second, even if Naga cant summon his army like Hal G did he can still create more mixed attributed Bakugan like the ones the Brawlers fought to aid him here

And shouldnt Naga have energy absorbtion also? Even though he was destroyed, Naga was able to absorb a considerable amount of energy from the Infinity Core while Drago was attacking him.
Yea it should be added. And not only for that fact, but because also he....well....was absorbing the Slient Cores power in episode 1 too lol

I feel so ashamed for not remembering that right away