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Minor Three Houses CRT

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Some missing abilities :-

For Sothis-Fused Byleth:-

For Hegemon Edelgard:-

  • Longevity for becoming a Demonic Beast. Maurice, one of the original heroes that assisted in defeating Nemesis was still around after 1000 years since he became a Demonic Beast.
For Hero Relic users:-

  • Limited Transmutation: If anybody try to steal their weapon and use it without the correspondence crest to the weapon, they will become Demonic Beast. Just look at the case of Miklan and Catherine's support with Lindhardt.
I'm not sure why Byleth should get Fusionism. Sothis was able to fuse with him, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he gained the ability to fuse with others, nor was that ever implied. Sothis was inside of his mind, so it would probably be easier for her to fuse since she didn't have a physical body.
I would say that Spartial Manipulation is fine that could also work as a portal creation. Fusionism is valid, but the explanation might need some adjustments into the explanation since he was only able to fuse with Sothis.

Everything else would work.
Also remove teleportation for Edelgard, there is no proof that she is the one teleporting, and cutscenes imply that she has someone to teleport her. (Hubert, or another mage)
In the scene where she's revealed as the flame emperor she even has to have Hubert teleport to her before she is able to teleport away with him. There's no reason she'd do that if she could teleport herself.

PuasLuisZX said:
Fusionism is valid, but the explanation might need some adjustments into the explanation since he was only able to fuse with Sothis.
Then it doesn't make sense to add it to his profile. Sothis fuses with Byleth while she's only alive in his mind, and fusion is never mentioned ever again as a possibility. Why even add it to his profile if he can't use it at all, and likely never had the ability to begin with?
I'm unsure about Fusionism, and it's not like he can fuse with others. It makes a bit more sense for Sothis however. Unless it's noted that Byleth can only fuse with Sothis. And sounds more like an addition for Sothis rather than Byleth.

Everything else looks fine.
I think it's more like Sothis fused with him, rather than the other way around. Never is it implied that Byleth has that sort of ability himself.
An ability doesn't have to be combat applicable to be added to the profile. It is more likely that Byleth can only fused with Sothis due to their connection. One of the two should have it.

As for the Edelgard's teleportation thing, wasn't she shown teleporting by herself during the Kostas' scene, Flayn kidnapping Chapter and Remire chapter. I can't recall any instance of someone teleporting to her so they can teleport her away.
I also recall her mentioning some kind of chemical around her that allows her to teleport. Or was that Black Knight from a different game?
Like I've said in the past, Edelgard could've easily had someone use rescue on her offscreen. There's no reason to assume she knows how to teleport when she never learns any magic unless you teach her. I've gone through the arguments for it before.
Do we have proof that Edelgard has someone use a rescue on her to teleport… and off-screen nevertheless? Because that's a big assumption and reaching into head-canon territory without any evidence to back that up.
Fire Emblem characters rarely ever teleport themselves and regularly use Warp and Rescue staves for their teleportation. So by Occam's razor, it's consistent here that Hubert or someone rescued her. Also, Hubert was clearly nearby as he could at the very least step in to thank Byleth the moment Byleth chooses Edelgard over Rhea.
I don't have much knowledge on past Fire Emblem series besides Three Houses, so I apologize for my lack of knowledge on the subject.

The game doesn't really go into details how the teleportation works. I go by what I see in the game and that is Edelgard teleporting without any mentions of these secret mages with rescue staves at the ready or using Warp.
Plenty of characters learn Warp and Rescue via training in Faith magic.
I'm still unsure about the whole thing, if there was one mention of all of this happening in the game, it would be fine, but there isn't from my recollection…

Anyway, we are straying away from the main topic, my apologies…

So everything is fine to add but have Fusionism go to Sothis, instead of Byleth.
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