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Marvel Hax Additions: Skillz Variant

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VS Battles
Adding more and more to obscure characters no one would bother revising, since 2018.


Back again with a vengeance.

Lel Ant-Man made a giant fist and Maskmaster a sword.


  • Stealth Mastery: Well, he's not hiding from anyone.
  • "Legitimately, His "Photographic Reflexes" are a Limited Power Mimicry as by the Stat Amping scan, should be listed as such": I saw this being added to Grievous' page without a CRT and I'm going to ask it to be removed in my own SW thread "soon"; it's Accelerated Development when mimicking non-superhuman powers.
  • Durability Negation? with Wide-Band Focused Particle Explosive Arrow (Knocked out the Thing: I'm gonna say no.
  • Limited Danmaku is not a thing.

  • Minor Body Control: Doesn't seen like it, he just can live with that.
  • Pressure Points: I don't agree with the first link.
  • Poison Manipulation: I don't agree with the second link as he wasn't where the gas was.
  • Resistance to Age Manipulation is just longevity.
  • Resistance to Empathic Manipulation is good but also Soul-based.
He needed help to resist the last power and mind manip, which should be worded in the profile. The rest is all good.
  • He's hiding from the security systems and describes himself to be soundless.
  • fine
  • I mean I don't know what else is it, but oh well
  • fine
  • fine
  • The point is that he knows the knowledge of non-lethal areas to stab, it's the reverse of PP
  • fine
  • fine
  • fine
What Eficiente accepted can probably be applied.
Okay. Tell me here when you are done.
Not open for further replies.