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It was brought up in the last thread he could really just Homer Simpson him. Also could probably restrain him with Pizza dough
Buttersamuri said:
It was brought up in the last thread he could really just Homer Simpson him.
Not when Petah has the same lifting strength now, which might be stronger than Marios
It is definitely not. Peter is Barely Class 1. Mario gets his from moving and lifting a giant steel box with gadgets on it. Mario is definitely a good deal stronger. My calc actually places it at Class 5, though it needs to get applied. But it still should be a great deal stronger than Peta
I'll vote Petah via a phat experience, toon force and regen advantage, and being a highly ruthless fighter helps too
The toon force doesn't really help much at all. It doesn't tend to be utilized aside from things like Regen. Which Mario can handle. Experience and being more ruthless is true and helpful. But Mario is a good bit stronger and tougher, he could just Pasta Fazool!
I just saw he shouldn't have any gun as standard equipment. The only reason homer has it is cause he actually is shown carrying them. Peter doesn't. I will restrict that for now and fix that later.

And since his dancing is so powerful it cause a wall to just explode apart. It's going to be pretty effective as causing damage just by peter being near him.
Peter scales to 51,630,400 Joules

Mario scales to 488,059,392.6518265 Joules

I didn't think peter was that low. Oof
That would cause peter major damage. They start dancing and as a result. Peter starts taking damage from being near Mario
Buttersamuri said:
Thats pretty humorus actually given its very off the wall (Pun entierly intended XD), Though some find the series to be "Lack luster performance." in humor/plot I don't see the case at times its rather an alright incarnation having its perks. (At least eons better then what the 1993 Maro has to offer, seriously although honest trailers isn't as potent as it was they had a point to this day of the illogicality that is the Mario refusing to ******* jump a gap!!! To which Mr. Hoskins [R.I.P.]/John both hate their roles so much they drowned it in liquor.)
Since Peter got an upgrade to 454.4925157672 Megajoules. This should be able to work now. So same rules. Only thing restricted for both is guns.