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Madoka Kaname vs. World Guardian

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Okay, so my first Madoka thread was successful, let's try her again but with a weaker form.

Final Timeline Madoka vs. World Guardian with the Staff of Armadyl.

Speed Equalized,

Who wins?

Madoka Kaname: 8 (Kal, Shiro, Antorus, Rebuble, RKGenki, Homu, Glass, Assalt)

World Guardia: 0


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I'll wait for Assalt before making a call, for now i'll simply point out that Madoka should have the AP to one shot (Due to being orders of magnitude above third timeline KG who is already above baseline)
Yikes. Yeah this is hard. Only saving graces of WG are going to be Reflect and Resonance. If Madoka unleashes a super power attack WG can turn it around or absorb it to heal himself.

The AP/Dura gap is so big that pretty much the only way WG has a chance at winning is Asphyxiate to choke and stun Madoka into Death's Swiftness followed by all the stuns and soul attacks he has. And even then it may not be enough.

I don't think WG comes out on top most of the time. Madoka probably takes most of the battles due to that massive AP gap and similar abilities, so I'll go with Madoka for now.
For the record, the scaling is something like this:

That's timeline 100 Madoka. With each one, she got a power up that was absolutely massive.

Timeline 1-4 Madoka is 7-C -> 7-B -> 6-C -> 5-C.

The form that one shot the 5-C received another power up after becoming Kriemhild (Witch form is >>>>>>>>>>> magical girl form) and had enough power to absorb all of Earth in her pocket dimension, which was stated to be bigger to an unknown extent.

Realistically that's where timeline 5 Madoka should be in term of AP, given that the boosts that she receive are just as massive.

But even if you say that she reached that level around timeline 10 or something like that, she would still dwarf KG level opponents dozens of times over in terms of AP
Oh I know, I was only explaining because Madoka is the hardest to pin down in terms of AP when it comes to PMMM 5-Bs because her scaling Is a bit weird.

Madoka's arrows in this form can time travel, self duplicate and soul hax btw. They also bypass barriers (as in stuff that it's in the way, not skills that nullify projectiles)
They can time travel? As in kill him in the past?

Because that stomps WG hard, since he wasn't born into his powers.
Yes. It's a bit weird.

The attack is created in the present, arrows are fired in the present, then they travel to the past afterwards.

But tbf it doesn't change too much here. WG would need to kill her ASAP anyway due to the AP gap

The biggest issue is that iirc this form of Madoka resists statuses such as sleep and stun.

Probably resists Asphyxiation if it's literally that and not just a name due to the ridiculous type 2 she has. For reference, it allows magical girls to keep fighting if you take away all their blood, rip their heart to shreds, decapitate them and similar things.
@Kaltias Asphyxiation is literally Force Choke.

How rapidly can Madoka teleport? WG is pretty mobile.
Also I just realized World Guardian has a win condition: He can rip blood out of a target with Blood Barrage. Is her Type 2 good enough to ignore being drained of blood?

Ok so Blood magick and Asphixiate won't work...

Does he resist being turned into a cube of ice?

Edit: Not transmuted, just encased in Ice.
Madoka can't teleport

She can ignore being drained of blood yes. 2:49

Encasing her in ice should work
Huh. Idk why I thought she could teleport. WG has a huge mobility advantage if that's the case. It'll be hard for Madoka to hit him unless she busts out the Past-Attacking arrow.
Well, she does have a much higher range to work with, and the attack is still danmaku-like on top of the homing of the individual arrows (Still possible to dodge them, just harder), so I think that it's fair to say that she is more likely to hit him once opposed to WG who has a fair amount of his options not working
So are those soul Gems vulnerable? Like if you target them with soul manipulation would that kill her?
Yes. The SG is basically their soul, took out of the body and turned into a crystal.

The body itself is soulless tho
Hmm. This is closer than I thought then. The Staff of Armadyl is essentially a siphon capable of draining souls in an AoE. If the SG is on her person he doesn't need to directly target it. Also the AP gap probably isn't the end of the world since WG can nullify most attacks with Deflection Curses.
Actually, just re-checked and the homing for final timeline Madoka is pretty freaking good. 4:40. She basically fire the arrows randomly and they go out of their way to seek the target
Eh, I think that i'll vote Madoka.

Her win condition is pretty much "fire an attack" thanks to danmaku + homing + planetary range + massive AP advantage (Refer to this) while WG wins only with specific stuff like soul manipulation
Since I'm bored, I'll list all the win conditions I can think of:


-Use past-attacking arrow danmaku and massive AP

-Hit him (Harder than it seems)

WG: -Soul succ

-Encase in Ice
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