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high 8-C versions

speed equalized

whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo would win
All right... I'll... try this...

First of all, Joseph can and will spam the Living cum out of dura neg Hamon(pure sunlight) with literally anything he comes across, from a silk thread coated in vegetable Oil, a Rope, guns, his fists, pretty much anything. And before the "Luffy has dealt with guns before, they don't work" argument comes up, were those guns enhanced by a durability negating energy?

Second of all, how likely is Luffy to abuse his range advantage? Crossing 4 kilometers at mach 12.8 isn't going to take more then a second.

And third of all, I'm pretty sure Joseph's intelligence section speaks for itself on why Luffy is already at a disadvantage in brains, even with a very Significant advantage in AP Joseph definitely has the tools to outsmart and kill luffy via shutting his organs down and such, which he can do at a touch.
Jojo takes this easily. His Hamon abilities can easily negate Luffy's durability, he has incredible stamina and can come up with intricate plans on the spot, showcasing intelligence that Luffy can't hope to match. Even if Luffy's AP is higher, Joseph would still pull through as long as he's careful.