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Hazel might work better seeing as how he's probably the most versatile 8B in RWBY

well. Lucy could feasibly get him with vectors quickly, and while he could hear them, they could overwhelm him quickly, I think. That said, Kenshi could TK Lucy, though I'm not sure how in-cgaracter it is for him to go for instant kill while it is exceedingly in character for Lucy to instantly kill an enemy.

Based on that (and feel free to step in and say "no u", I'm not too familiar with either aside from calcs I've done for Elfen Lied), I'll vote Lucy just by being a more brutal foe than Kenshi.
Question, can Kenshi control the vectors? Lucy controls them telekinetically iirc

And Kenshi kills people in the OG timeline, he only spared Ermac out of pity and I don't know why, but he's definitely going to kill someone throwing her vectors at him.
I don't think so. Others of the species can't control each other's vectors, so I shouldn't think he'd be able to.

And... true, but that really depends on if he opens with full brutality. Lucy does, as far as I know, all the time. She will always attempt to rip apart her enemy immediately, and if I remember the few scenes I watched regarding the calcs, does so by just sending her vectors after them until they are overwhelmed (in a duel with another one of her kind she did so).

So for now I will be voting Lucy.
Kenshi has better range actually, I mean they're quite the same but teleportation changes that. Also Kenshi can keep the vectors at bay with his energy projections and telekinesis.

Wdym by her vectors overwhelming him?
Number. IIRC she can have quite a lot of them, and with speed equal he's really only going to be able to contend with a few.
I mean, he can just use telekinesis or just paralyze her then telekinetically pull out her eyes and stuff, which he can totally do.