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Lucemon (Digimon) vs Thanos (Marvel Comics)

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Lucemon Digimon
"I am your ordained ruler with absolute power over your very existence. You will serve me as you were born to do. You will give me my every desire, even yourself."

4724879-4367306-4241144-3535597-thanos triumphant the infinity gauntlet by corvus1970-d1xeef8
"I am now omnipotent. What should I do with such almighty power? The answer to that is really quite simple: Anything I want."

Who will win?
Speed Equalized

Death by Obliteration

Lucemon is in his Child form

Thanos With the Infinity Gauntlet

Arena: Dark Area



Lucemon : 1-C

Thanos : Low 1-A | Likely 1-A

It's a stomp from Thanos. The difference is infinite upon infinite.
VAVA I'm going to make this a bit more clear,

Try to look at the Tiering System and familerize yourself with what tiers a character is in and match them up in the same tier.

Infinity Gauntlet Thanos is Low 1C, every version of Lucemon is 1C to High 1C, which is a difference of infinity.

Try to match them in the sand tier when making matches
Not open for further replies.