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Little Mac Healing addition

This is pretty quick, Little Mac can heal himself seemingly naturally. This able to be done in between rounds and when they are on the ground. This should qualify as Healing. Should be able to be used in combat whenever he has a moment or if he dazes an opponent. This is both for OG who can hack in between rounds. And the current one, who can heal during or between. Simple enough I believe

Hopefully this is easy enough to get added
It is something special from him or everyone can do it? Honestly it seems like videogame mechanics (as I've seen few games that recover a little health between rounds). If any, is interpreted as "catching a breath".
It's special to him. In between rounds, healing is a special ability that you have to activate, rather than it just happening. Same with when Mac knocked down an opponent. He doesn't heal if you don't activate it. When you start to use it, He does movement while his health starts to slowly recover which he only does when they are down and give him time to do it.

In between rounds on it's own I would agree more towards game mechanic, but I think the Punch Out allowing Mac to use it when they are down too gives it a little more justification that it comes from that ability. And it does seem to be something he has to specifically activate, as him standing there doesn't recover anything.
That seems more like an endurance feat than a regenerating one, the typical gaining enough willpower to stand the fight a little more.
With that one yea. It's said it works if the cord is cheering for him at the time. Essentially a moral boost.

The one I linked in the OP though doesn't seem to have a page talking about It. To me, feels like it should be fine to use since it's something he has to specifically activate, and there's actual movement when it happens. He specifically activates it by doing that.