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don flamenco

  1. Flashlight237

    Punch-Out Revision: Possible Use of Comics?

    So yeah, Punch Out for the Wii had a tie-in comic series: https://boboomba.weebly.com/puch-out-wii-players-guide.html This is fairly interesting. Assessing the comics themselves, they are written based on the opening sequences to each boxer, and it seems they are written either as or for a...
  2. EliminatorVenom

    Can this bullfighter take on a crocodile? - Don Flamenco V.S. Gustav

    Don Flamenco, having been beaten by Mac and Mr. Sandman repeatedly, dejectedly goes into the underworld ring of fighters, where his skills and immense strength were finally appreciated! He eventually found his way into Russia, and unknowingly wandered into the ring of Russia ballerinos. He was...
  3. Buttersamuri

    Little Mac Healing addition

    This is pretty quick, Little Mac can heal himself seemingly naturally. This able to be done in between rounds and when they are on the ground. This should qualify as Healing. Should be able to be used in combat whenever he has a moment or if he dazes an opponent. This is both for OG who can hack...
  4. Buttersamuri

    Glass Joe LS update

    This should be quick enough. So, Glass Joe should get the same treatment on his LS as he gets on his AP. The fact he can clearly scale to Mac, even if it's to a smaller degree should land him in the same general area LS wise. We have established earlier that his AP should likely scale to the...