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Kingdom Hearts: Riku's tabs


VS Battles
Content Moderator
Riku should get three separate tabs. A Base tab, A Chain of Memories tab and a Dream Drop Distance tab. All abilities he has from Cards go to the Chain of Memories tab and the Dream Drop Distance tab should have abilities he has as a Dream Eater.
Okay, here's a draft, it's currently in beta as I don't know the exact moment Riku held the following:

- Statistics Amplification

- Absorption (Including resistance)

- Regenerationn

- Self Sustenance (I know he holds this one, but an start point is something I'm not exactly aware of) - Flight (This may be since KH3D but I'm not sure)

- Spatial Manipulation (Likely CoM or so, IDK)

Also removed some stuff as he can't use nearly any magic spells in CoM unlike Sora.

Support on the abov eis appreciated.
The draft looks good to me. I can't tell you when exactly he got the abilities you listed in your comment though.
I already have the entire idea of how it should go, but right now I'm waiting for the other CRTs to finish (namely the conceptual stuff ones) so I can go without an issue further.
Since Riku is Sora's Dream Eater wouldn't that give him Dream Eater Physiology? Also why do Dream Eaters have no souls?
Dream Eaters are basically a variant of Heartless, hence why.

And yes, it actually would, gotta add that.
Regarding Riku as a Dream Eater, Sora has in his KHI tab as one of his justifications for his Resistance against Dream Manipulation Riku acting as his Dream Eater but as far as I know Riku was only a Dream Eater during Dream Drop Distance. That should therefore be moved to the KH3D tab.
The justification of Ventus' heart protecting Sora and Riku acting as his Dream Eater link to the same video that only provides evidence for Riku acting as Sora's Dream Eater.
Well, Ventus was in Sora before KHI, hence why, but yes, the Riku part should be removed, especially considering that would actually fall as just Dream Manip in Riu's part instead.
Well, I wasn't questioning Sora already having Ventus' protection in KHI.
From where does Regenerationn for Dream Eaters come from? They definitely shouldn't have the Resistance against Transmutation for the reason that got removed from the Heartless Physiology page.

Are we going to assume that Riku has every ability listed on the Dream Eater Physiology page including things like Inorganic Physiology and the Resistances against Soul and Mind Manipulation which come from lacking souls/minds?
Dream Eaters are variants of Heartless, from that's where the regen comes from, but yes, the transmutation resistance should be removed entirely.

And for Riku, well, he's an special variant, so I would exclude him from holding directly DE Physiology and instead list what he does have, namely Dream Manip.