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Kamen Rider Double Downgrade


So, currently Double Riders is having 7-A rating via this feat. But there's many problems with this:

First of all, the feat doesn't belong to IceAge Dopant but to Isaka, another character that arguable could do the same thing. Therefore the proposed scaling to W because they beat IceAge became flawed because the IceAge Dopant doesn't have any 7-A calc

Second, there's isn't any statment about the atomic destruction in the series itself, thus making the claim about that absolute zero temp attack become flawed.

Conclusion, the 7-A feat is false and Double Riders and any related-characters should be downgrade to Low 7-C
I argree with this.

But didnt the Double riders defeated Isaka later on ? I still in the middle of the series so i dont know

Yes, they did defeated Isaka later. But the main problem is there's no statment about atomic destruction in the series which once give them the 7-A feat.