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Two iconic JRPG final bosses that want to devour the multiverse come to blows to decide who reigns supreme over the genre.

Exdeath (Amalgamation of demonic souls) Vs Lavos (The cosmic parasite and dragon god).

Speed Equal
Neo-Exdeath Vs Time Devourer
Now we FIGHT!

The Tree: 8
The Tick: 1
The Time (Incon):
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Hmmm, let me see!

My usual method of analysis doesn't really work at this level of play, but still, I'll try to make interesting points and analysis in whatever way I can!
  • It'll be difficult for them to kill each other. They both have high-godly regeneration and resistance to most forms of powers that would really incapacitate the other, such as sealing. Maybe Lavos can kill Exdeath by having feats of killing beings comparable to itself, such as devouring alternate Time Devourers. To be honest, I don't know how quickly they actually regen, because as far as I remember, while they can and do regenerate from nonexistance, merely destroying their physical bodies already "defeats" them for a good period of time... But I'll focus on what's in the profiles.
  • Hilariously, Exdeath's matter manipulation is far superior to Lavos' resistance to it, so simple fire and ice spells will be really ouchy to Lavos.
  • I think, but I'm not sure, that Lavos in general can overpower Exdeath's resistances, thanks to his techniques of resistance reduction and his feats of overcoming other resistances or improving upon powers that were already comparable to Exdeath's while in lower keys.
In general, I tend to give this to Lavos with high difficulties, but really, this is a really rough draft and there is so much more to say about this. I'll wait for more arguments!
Anyway does Ex death have counters to getting conceptually destroyed in a level he doesnt restist, and getting snipped by infinites lavos
@Livinmeme high godly regen covers being erased conceptually. On top of erasing the infinite realities across the multiverse to nuke all the Lavos that exists.
can he do that to every moment in said timelines and would he know that he has to, because otherwise every single lavos instance comes in and seals, bfr (to either 2D or a place that even 2-A DT cant get out of), also he doesn't resist power copying so lavos looks at him and copies his abilities for himself and becomes even harder to kill, he also cant use magic since magic is absorbed and heals him instead and he doesn't resist absorption so lavos just noms him too
His literal existence would erase all the infinite universes had Bartz and co. not stopped him, it's something that will happen regardless of what he does. Exdeath can bypass sealing by possessing others as that's how he was able to break the crystal seal in the first place. Also Lavos doesn't resist power mimicry and Exdeath does use the crystals in character so they can copy Lavos for him and have his own Lavos to fight.
k then, how does that kill lavos because otherwise he kinda just shrugs it off given him being able to exist in the DBT without any issues which then since time and, 4D erasure is nothing really, and if the other lavai notice the fact that everything is gone, that is an R amount of lavos that Exdeath and a singular lavos is going to have to deal with all haxing from, the copy also from what I am reading on the profile doesn't have anything out of the usual so lavos just does what he does to any other copy of himself, possession might work but it depends on what range he can do it from
By negating his regenerative abilities and immortalities, something Lavos does not resist while Exdeath does resist it. So he can permanently end Lavos.
That’s innate given he can kill Galuf despite him having a crystal. With the crystals it gets upgraded to High Godly for Exdeath.
By negating his regenerative abilities and immortalities, something Lavos does not resist while Exdeath does resist it. So he can permanently end Lavos.
i mean, if the ee doesnt affect nep2 people it means nothing, es[ecially since said ee just seems to be a side effect of him being there rather than something he actively does and as such it wont be able to affect lavos
It does affect NEP2 since this is Exdeath’s power at this point and he can naturally affect NEP2 so that arguments irrelevant here.
The crystals, which is something Exdeath has, were literally used in attempt to erase him, a NEP2 being with high-godly, from existence.
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