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Jagi vs Esdeath

Speed is equalized, both are in character. Now I'd like to point out a few things. If you guys know Barcom, Shin's generalfrom HnK, he was shown to have very durable skin to the point where weapons would shatter when they strike him. The leader of the Fang Clan was also shown to have that durability. Now presumably Shin, Kenshiro, Raoh, Jagi, Toki, and pretty much anyone stronger than those 2 should have far higher durability, yet they are shown to bleed from arrows and knives. So, if we take the fact that everyone I mentioned is more durable than Barcom and Fang Clan leager, then they should have no problem being stabbed by anything. That being said, I doubt Esdeath's sword would be able to do jack to Jagi since he is far more durable than what she can damage, considering the fact that he survived a nuclear bomb when he was younger and weaker than he is now (and he is pretty weak in comparison to his brothers), so yeah. Anyway what do you guys think?

Low 6B vs High 7A

That said, Nuke's are 7B, Esdeath is High 7A, so her sword is ridiculously stronger then a nuke.
That would have been the case if Esdeath fought the younger Jagi from the gaiden. We're talking about adult Jagi who's far stronger than his teenage self. And don't forget young Jagi tanked the nuke and wasn't phased by it.
Nukes are 7B.

Esdeath is High 7A.

Nuke's don't mean shit to either character and both would be more then capable of easily tanking the initial blast.

That said, Jagi is Low 6B, so this is a stomp
I thought you mean that Esdeath would stomp Jagi. But yeah you're right, Jagi would destroy her with one Hokuto move.
Because earlier I saw someone who made a thread of Kaioh vs Esdeath and a lot of people claimed she would beat him. It got me a bit confused.
Ah, think there's a bit of confusion there.

Back then they were both the same tier but FOTNS got upgraded