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  1. Stillwinston

    "Hey Invincible! Say my name!"

    Well watched Invincible season 2 finally, was pretty damn good all things considered. Wanted to make an Invincible match so lets try this Speed is equalised Both are Low 6-B Fight takes place nearby a gas station SBA otherwise Mark Thinks!: 1 Say My Name!: 0 Incon: 0...
  2. Nuclear tier? (Meruem and Jagi)

    Hi I have a question about how to consider nuclear-level feats. Mostly I was confused by the huge tier level difference between Jagi's 6B, that as far as I understand has been put in that position because he survived a nuclear blast (I'm not sure if Jagi Gaiden is canonical tbh, but that's...
  3. Lord_JJJ

    Raditz (Dragon Ball) vs Jagi (Hokuto no Ken)

    Yes it is Low 6B vs 5C, but Jagi have some hax that should make it fair Speed equalized Fight takes place in an empy bar in the middle of a desert Raditz : Jagi : They are both already dead (Incon) :
  4. Phoenks

    (High 6-C Tourn R1 M2) Jagi vs Tatsumaki (0-7-0) insta grace

    Jagi vs Tatsumaki Speed Equalized.
  5. Endless_Astrograph_Sorcerer

    Smith (The Matrix) vs Jagi (Hokuto no Ken) [One More Vote!]

    Smith vs Jagi SBA Speed Equalized Smith: 7 (Drakos, Dargoo, Agnaa, TheArsenal, Deadpool, Ricsi, Phoenix) Jagi: 0
  6. Digupthehatchet

    Jagi vs Esdeath

    Speed is equalized, both are in character. Now I'd like to point out a few things. If you guys know Barcom, Shin's generalfrom HnK, he was shown to have very durable skin to the point where weapons would shatter when they strike him. The leader of the Fang Clan was also shown to have that...
  7. Grudgeman1706

    HNK overall discussion about the canons of HNK and its gaiden and use on profile

    Alright I would like to discuss and propose some things. I will like to use the moves and feats of the five gaiden spinoffs of the HNK mangas, I will be explaining my reasonings in detail why these mangas are canon and justifiable and all others performed in their separate gaidens can be used...