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Izuko Gaen Cutting Upgrade


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Taking another look at this ol' feat that gave Gaen her current speed rating, it assumes a timeframe of 1 second, but looking back at the novel Araragi said he was cut up so quickly that he didn't feel any pain at all.

That Katana.

That real-deal katana -- slashed through me.

Through my fingers, my wrists, my elbows, my biceps, my shoulders, my ankles, my shins, my knees, my thighs, my hips, my waist, my belly, my chest, my collarbones, my neck, my throat, my jaw, my noes, my eyes, my brain, my scalp -- it cut all of them.

Into slices.

In an instant.

I tried to scream -- but my mouth, my throat, my lungs, had all been sliced into rings like the kind you use for a ring toss.

The instant part hadn't been a lie, but Ms. Gaen had told one, and a whopper at that -- because that sword moves so fast.

So blazingly fast.

That I didn't feel any pain at all.
For reference, that "Ms. Gaen had told a lie" part is referring to how Gaen just before doing this said "Don't worry, it'll only hurt for an instant."

Anyway, at first I thought this was unquantifiable, but it turns out we know how long it takes for people to feel pai. Pain signals get transmitted at 12m/s. Since we know that Araragi's 1.65m tall, the longest timeframe we could get is 0.1375s. So the calc should use that timeframe instead.

Also, while that feat wasn't used for AP before since Kokorowatari negates durability, there's still the KE of actually swinging the sword around, so that should be a feat.

I'm currently working on getting these calcs done, but discussion about whether it's usable should be able to start before that.