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Important Question Regarding Offsite Calcs

so i know that in the offical calc eval thread it states:

"To evaluate important off-site calculations, kindly create a separate thread in the calc group discussio forum section, and then post a link to it here."

however i think this method is inefficient.

1. when was the last time you've seen a thread there regarding an offsite calc?

2. there are way too many offsite calcs for one to be discussed in different threads and then confusing a person looking at a profile that uses an offsite calc to find where it was accepted.

3. again posting offsite calcs in the normal calc eval thread doesn't work for the sheer amount of offsite calcs.

so would an offsite calc eval thread fix these problems? this is a very important question of course and there have been several inaccurate or unevaluated calcs listed here of course i'm not referring to all offsite calcs but it's gotten to the point where old profiles have had inaccurate calcs there before(akuma, chun-li etc.) and has only been noticed when pointed out.
Why would that help any more than what we currently have? I've spoken to people recently about offsite calcs, just talk to a calc group member directly. Thanks.
well it keeps all the offsite calc eval requests in one place rather than being completely disorganized and people talking about offsite calcs in CRT's rather than the calc group board and i don't see how that would help any better either since people usually don't do that and calc group members are busy evaluating calc blogs and creating calcs so they might not see the message on their wall.
It's fine if the work was done offsite, so as long as there's a calculation blog that includes the link. And Calc group members should post in the comments whether or not they approve, especially if they do approve before applying it however.
There have been times where someone made a calc on Google Docs and/or Imgur, but made a blog that included a link. I think Glacius's feat was an example of that. Although, the calc appears to be done in an actual blog now. But a long time ago, it was linked.
but such cases are rarely seen and offsite calcs are usually discussed in CRT's hell even i'm guilty of this but that was because i didn't know about the calc group board and what was said in the calc eval thread even if what was said in the calc eval thread was made more apparent that wouldn't work either because of point 3.
refer to earlier points regarding that also if it was changed so the new rule was to ask calc group members directly one of two thing is gonna happen:

1. people listen and then calc group members just get a bunch of requests on their wall making thing cluttered.


2. people completely ignore this and we're back to square one.

and i am not referring to myself i am referring to the community as a whole and how we can improve on how to fix this offsite calc eval problem.
Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan said:
Wouldn't it be easier if you copied the offsite calc to a blog like I usually do?
Many other users do this too, I think it should be our standard approach.
you see that might solve the offsite calcs that users here made but what about the offsite calcs that we use such as narutoforums that has been used in a bunch of a profiles for a long time?
We have blogs on here for those.

It doesn't bother me much if we use offsite math but for sake of ease they should just be made into blogs here. I say this as a person who did offsite calcs for months before re-joining.
i don't mean the offsite math calcs i mean the NUMEROUS offsite calcs *cough*narutoforums*cough* that have been on profiles for a long time so i think a reasonable compromise is for offsite calcs that users have made to be linked in blogs and offsite calcs that they didn't make being evaluated in an offsite calc eval thread either way the current method for evaluating offsite calcs doesn't work and needs to go.
i don't mean the offsite math calcs i mean the NUMEROUS offsite calcs

Yeah, like I said, just make a blog here, this is simple. We don't need another evaluation thread strictly for these.
i disagree the amount of offsite calcs that come from narutoforums or other sites would be too much for the standard calc eval thread even if a blog was made with the offsite calc listed i would still say creating an offsite calc eval thread is better to evaluate them there's just too many offsite calcs here to just say "post it in the calc eval thread" and just be done with it.
I disagree as a user of the calc eval thread. Asking to split work is literally pointless and only adds to the notifications we need to look through.
i disagree that it is pointless. it keeps all the offsite calc requests in one place and makes things more organized it makes things less cluttered and fixes the current disorganized problem we have now there are already a bunch of requests on the current calc eval thread and if the new rule was to post offsite calcs in the current calc eval thread that would just lead to more requests on the same thread making thing IMO less organized.
it would do that, yes, but what benefit does it offer us if we have them separated from normal calcs? it's all going to the same team of people regardless and expects the same actions (e.g., evaluation and approval/disapproval). I just don't really see the point in making a brand new regularly updated thread for something that won't offer us any increased efficiency in the given department.
IMO the benefits are organization, things become less cluttered and everything is in one place and what do you mean by increased efficiency in the given department? which department are you talking about? the calc eval department? the offsite calc eval department? i disagree either way because if everything is in one place then we would have a thread to point people to if they want an offsite calc evaluated therefore creating increased efficiency in evaluating offsite calcs at least much better efficiency than the method we have now.
making more categories does not make it more organized. it also actually clutters up the wiki more by adding yet another thread to follow and try to keep track of.

there is only one calc evaluation group, there isn't one for off-site evaluation, it just gets grouped in with other calcs, as it should. it wouldn't increase efficiency at all, I don't know where you get this assumption.
A lot of NarutoForums calculations have been made by users quite well known around here and were approved by OBD. Which our wiki was originally based on OBD, but we have our own tiering system among other things and have evolved over the years. But that being said, yes we do have blogs here for a reason. If someone made the calculation offsite, it's fine if the math was done offsite so as long as the blog contains the image and/or a URL to the image. And NarutoForums is especially recognizable with their calcs.
I think that it is a good idea to copy off-site calculations to blog posts here (while giving credit) and asking for evaluations in the normal manner.
i suppose the blog solution will work better than the offsite calc eval thread solution here because of bambu's reasons so i concede on my points for the seprate thread solution also the new method should be made much more apparent since that's what started this mess.
So could somebody write up a replacement text for the calculations evaluations thread that I can copy-paste there, and should we write some sort of official regulation for one of our rules pages as well?
I have added the following text to the first post of the current calculations evaluations thread:

"To evaluate important off-site calculations, preferably copy them to blog posts in this wiki (while giving credit to the original calcer) and ask for evaluations in the normal manner. You can also create a separate thread in the calc group discussio forum section, and then post a link to it here, but that tends to be far less efficient."


I could add something similar to one of our rules pages, but am uncertain which one that would be most suitable: