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Illnesses tournament 10-C(alread started)

I don't know, the only disease that occurs to me is not even relevant (like "This disease is very toxic" but it does not reach more) or has a profile

I will fight using the brain-eating Amoeba since I don't know many fictional diseases.

This is a great battle arena!

This is a great battle arena!
Don't they resiste diseas manipulation? sinse some Illnesses win con's are killing the arena and outlasting I don't think would be fair
Sad bump... he, you guys think I should fill the last 3 slots with randow Illnesses?
TL; DR: No.
Long story: Patience is a virtue. You can always wait for months even when routinely bumping stuff on this forum.

Filling in slots:
If you want to make things quicker, you can always skim the disease category or contact supporters/knowledgeable members of verses with disease-hax based characters.

There's always zombie viruses like the Necroa Virus & Call of Duty zombies, so skimming the zombie category is also an option.