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Illnesses tournament 10-C(alread started)

That's right! I wanted to do that sinse 2021

  • All fights gonna take place inside the body of a sugested characters from the wiki(As long they can be infected and will not destroy the disease)
  • Thanks to the amount of "diseases like" characters in the wiki, any thing that can infect, trive and defeat a human body will be considered a Diseases, so charaters like "the thing" can be putted here, but I will be the judy of that, as long they can be defeat by diseases and kill someone in a "diseases" like way It fair game
  • There will be 16 slots for the diseases
  • There will be unlimited slots for the "Battle arenas" and you can sugest as many as you want
  • Only 2 diseases from plag Inc may enter
  • Other verses may put as many diseases as they have
  • every one can put 3 Diseases
  • I will decide if they are to OP or not

  1. SCP-610
  2. The Flood
  3. The Radiance
  4. Pokotho
  5. Nano-Virus
  6. Shadow Plague
  7. Kharaa Bacterium
  8. Bacillus
  9. Sea Bonnies
  10. Viruses (Mario)
  11. Cancer(Cells at work)
  12. Thrax
  13. Brain eating amoeba
  14. Light Virus (A World Worth Protecting)
  15. Ebola Virus
  16. Player (Agar.io)

The battle arenas:
  1. Pig
  2. Vegeta(Dragon Ball Z)
  3. Smithers after taking from Mr.Burns
  4. Aunt May
  5. Darth Maul
  6. Goku
  7. Boss Baby
  8. Mouse from real world
  9. Stinkfly
  10. Me
  11. Walter White
  12. Impostor 1
  13. Impostor 2

Phase 1:
  1. battle 1 (Sea Bonnies win)
  2. Battle 2 (on going)
  3. Battle 3 (Light Virus eliminated for beingh OP)
  4. Battle 4 (on hold beacuse balicus profile is trash)
  5. Battle 5 (STOMP for Agar.io)
  6. Battle 6 (on going)
  7. Battle 7 (Stomp for Nanovirus)
  8. Battle 8 (on going)
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Alex Mercer died, his body was possessed by a disease known as Blacklight, I ask if we can use the "pure" virus instead of the "physical' virus
Alex Mercer died, his body was possessed by a disease known as Blacklight, I ask if we can use the "pure" virus instead of the "physical' virus
Sure, I will just say in the battle that "he infected the arena and them died the moment after"
Link please