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I think grace period should be longer than 24 hours.

Let's be honest here, versus thread can last weeks and even months. Most people have other things going on in their lives. So they can't always have the time to spare a thoughtful argument. Also I don't think our wiki is populated enough either. There has been numerous times where people have waited a couple days even a full week to respond to one of my threads. I think this would be a good way to help mitigate those annoying FRA trains.
FRA trains could be easily dealt with if we only counted votes with actual arguments (which would in turn mean reducing the amount of votes needed for a win), but I personally don't think having longer grace periods would do much.
I'd say do both. Because someone could get a couple good arguments down for the win. But another guy who had an even better argument for the opposition could have been doing something else during the 24 hour grace period. Also making it come down to the actual arguments would be a tough call to make. Come to think of it, who would be making the call right of which argument is considered better? Would we be leaving the arguments themselves up to vote?