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Hypothetical Archie Pre-Genesis Hyper Sonic tier?

Such a character would probably be "At least 2-A" at best, since there is no indication that the form would make you infinitely stronger and most of the top tiers are "2-A".

All we know is that he would be >>>> Super Sonic.
Demaunic said:
Even with the one Super Emerald is equal to or greater than seven Chaos Emeralds thing?
Yes. Unless it specifically makes him infinitely stronger than before, it would only make him into a ridiculously OP and broken 2-A.
Yeah I guess that's pretty much his version of Hyper Sonic. Although I guess OP meant for this hypothetical form to scale even above Ultra Sonic.

Still 2-A regardless.
Oh yeah pretty strong to, cause when Sonic had Nate Morgan's Super Emerald during the events of issue 71 he was able to become Super Sonic with just one Super Emerald
I have another question, I'll post it here because I don't wanna just spam similar question on the wikia but out of all of the forms that all Sonics have, would any of them be 2-C or 2-B if it were Archie Pre-Genesis Sonic with the transformation? And maybe a list of the transformations from weakest to strongest and their tiers would be nice. (Is this too much to ask?)
I don't have much time right now, however I can give you a basic answer:

Forms that are superior to Base Sonic and inferior to Super Sonic: At least Low 2-C

Forms that are equal or comparable to Super Sonic: 2-A

Forms that are superior to Super Sonic (Hyper Sonic being an example): At least 2-A

Basically all of his forms would be superior to Low 2-C by virtue of being stronger than Base Sonic, however without actual feats or statements they wouldn't reach 2-C or 2-B (although it could be possible if the gain in power is significant enough.)
Alright, thank you! Once you have time, you can make that weakest to strongest list. (If you want)
I'm not very knowledgeable on Archie Sonic really. I'm simply telling you the strength these forms would have based on the rules of this wiki.

But I'll try in any case.
Lemme help as well then. I'm not very knowledgeable either (Reading the comics as we speak), but this would be my list:

Base Sonic < Fleetway (A.K.A Sonic: The Comic) Super Sonic ? Excalibur Sonic ? Werehog Sonic ? Dark Sonic <? Electricity-Amped < Darkspine Sonic < Super Sonic < Ultra Sonic < Hyper Sonic

Base to Dark is Low 2-C and Darkspine to Hyper is 2-A. Do you think that maybe E-A could have that significant gain in power to make Archie Sonic a 2-C or 2-B?
The jump to E-A could maybe give him a possible 2-C rating, but I don't think 2-B would be possible. If Darkspine is comparable to Super Sonic then yes it would be 2-A.

Below E-A it would range from "Low 2-C" to "At least Low 2-C"
Any thoughts on those "?" from Fleetway to Dark Sonic? I'm stumped on which one of those Low 2-Cs are stronger than the other.
I'm not sure, whoever I'd say that Excalibur Sonic is probably the strongest out of them, with Dark Sonic right behind. Then Fleetway Super Sonic would probably follow and then Werehog Sonic.

This are just my thoughts though. If you want to speak with more knowledgeable Sonic experts on the site, you can look here.
If I had to give my two cents, I think the only form that could put Archie Sonic at 2-C/2-B is probably Darkspine though as Julian said we can't give a concrete tier till he has feats which will never happen as the Archie Sonic Comic has been discontinued