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Hulk Smash Puny Boxer!

The Hulk vs Glass Joe! Because This is the only way hulk will be strong enough to fight with Joe

Speed is equal

That's all, which god comes out on top?


Glass Joe: 7

So in the wall level scale where excatly is Hulk's feat?

Unless it's around 540,000 Joules Joe will probably stomp

So like destroying a table feat is the closest thing we have RN for Hulk AP since the wiki gives him wall level striking stregnth through punching a table in half, so like the yield should be lower then what is here so guess we can work from there

Think it's fair to use regular fragmentaion which would mean Joe has AP edge
No I'm pretty sure Joe has more actual fighting experience then this version of Hulk (Even though he lost most of his fights), and he's got a decent AP edge, so I guess I'll go with Glass Joe for now