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Helicopter Stick Figure fights Helicopter Monkey

Yup. Comanche Commander will start closing the distance between them while the four helicopters start firing
It looks like Charles has a massive range advantage, so I bet he could either snipe them with his sniper rifle, or just mow them down with his Gatling gun


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How experienced is the Heli Pilot?

Not that it really matters, as a young yet experienced pilot, Charles is easily more versatile and stronger, and would have many ways to take them out such as the Banana Bomb or just gunning them down, not to mention a range advantage. Voting him.
Is Charles already in his helicopter? Because there are scenes in Completing the mission where Charles leaves the helicopter

If he isn't then the Heli Pilot can close the distance to him and shoot him, and considering how fast a tier 5 helicopter shoots in BTD6, Charles would have a tough time defending or dodging, especially since the Heli have pursuit

However, Charles could win by shooting the heli pilot down before the helli pilot reaches him if he starts on his helicopter

I'm not voting just yet, since it relies on if Charles starts on the helicopter or not
He is pretty accurate with his shots. He pretty much always hits his target, unless there is something that is in the way.
Ok so in that case I'll probably vote Charles, though it would be with mid to high difficulty due to the Heli's ability to dodge these attacks too