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Happy New Year!


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This is a community message to wish everyone a happy new year!

Normally I'd leave it at that. But 2020 has been far from normal. This year has been filled with an overwhelming amount of hardship. It's been a year that saw millions of deaths, mass unemployment and a complete overhaul of society due to a global pandemic. A year faced with countless natural disasters one after another. A year full of civil unrest, sparked by tragic events that for many opened their eyes to the unjust social issues that others are all too familiar with.

As such, this year has undeniably had a drastic impact on most members of this community. So I wish to extend condolences those who have suffered in one way or another. As well as congratulate everyone for making it through this year. It is not easy to live during such troubling times. Just being here and surviving is a major accomplishment, and I commend the strength and resilience of each one of you.

Entirely separate from these issues, this year has been also been a difficult one for the site directly. As everyone knows, we had worked on the long and arduous process of switching the forum system. For a while this made the site a lot more difficult for users to navigate. As such I would also like to thank everyone who has been patient and has stayed by this community's side throughout this year.

So with that, here’s to 2021! Hopefully it will be a better year for everyone. But even if next year comes with its hardships, we will make it through this together.

Happy New Year!


The Sword and Shield of AKM Sama
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Even though I've had some upsetting news revealed to me this day, I know that I shouldn't worry about them now considering that it's soon gonna be a new year.
2020 just took one of my favorite artists away moments ago, but at least the year's going to finally end. Let's hope it's better, Happy New Year dudes

I see we've had the same news revealed to us.

also its january first here in my country hi everyone i have time manip powers


Derp Idol
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It's not 2021 yet over here (a little over three hours as of this writing), but I'd still like to wish everyone a happier, better 2021!


Patron Saint of Skeletor
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Thread Moderator
It's been 2021 for a while here, but regardless, happy New Year's everybody! Beyond all the memes let's hope this one doesn't absolutely fuck us over again.


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Get in voice chat with me on discord and I will destroy that intimidation, I am the least threatening guy on the wiki.
Another year bois
With the tears that flow down our cheeks, we have to smile can keep our heads held high! and keep walking forward!