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Bobby's getting influenced by speedwagon's gangs and has been buying drugs for Joeseph Hank does not like this so he confronts speedwagon and kicks his ass

Both are at 9-B

Both have sledgehammers

Speed equalized


Speedwago :

Hank probably. Hanks probably more skilled via training and experience. His physically is superior as well. Uses them to whoop Speedwagon a new one
I mean, does Hank have an answer to the blade hat?
What. Why you gotta do best girl dirty like that.
Jackythejack said:
He doesn't have that here apparently only a sledgehammer
Not inherently true. OP just said they both have sledgehammers, OP didnt mention that Speedwagon doesnt have hs hat, which is something he gets if not specified (Hell he may get it regardless given it's part of his Standard Equipment).
I mean, I thought we couldnt restrict Standard Equipment unless it effected tiers or it's listed under Occasional Equipment instead?
>Hanks probably more skilled via training and experience

While I dont know how skilled Hank is exactly. I should make note that Speedwagon traveled the world for years, going to different countries and continents, such as Africa and both poles, meeting with lots of different people and getting into just as many fights, Speedwagon has a bunch of experience and he's skilled, there's a reason why what is considered to be one of the most deadly places in london, filled with dozens upon dozens of criminals and thugs, some of which are (implied) quite skilled themselves listen to Speedwagon without hesitation (other than the fact Speedwagon is just a cool dude), and Speedwagon claims that he's been doing this since he was born. Speedwagon's whole life up to when he met Jonathan may as well be experience and while we don't know how skilled he is exactly, he's implied to be quite skilled just not skilled enough to be any use against Dio.

Not voting, or even saying he's more skilled than Hank, i'm just clarifying how skilled he is to begin with.
speedwagon doesn't have his hat but speedwagon has very simular experiacne to hank they're both generally good fighters but hank is shown to be more trained he's good at boxing and wresling. He's portrayed as a better fighter than characters like bill who's in the military and boomhauer who's a texas ranger
Chariot190 said:
I mean, I thought we couldnt restrict Standard Equipment unless it effected tiers or it's listed under Occasional Equipment instead?
At this point, you could make a character who only fights with guns unarmed in a fight and force him to use H2H combat
Are you even allowed to restrict standard equipment that doesnt effect tiering? That's an actual question.

You certain? Speedwagon spent his entire life up to his mid-late twenties in the slums, getting into fights and traveling the word all over. That includes fighting with and commanding those that are implied to know Kung Fu, among several few dozen more criminals Speedwagon leads over. If we're taking potrayals, Speedwagon is supposed to the the top dog of Ogre Street, which as said includes (some of) the most dangerous criminals in London, a place so dangerous nobody even goes close to it and several (implied) martial artists.

Doing a bit of research, I'm definetly inclined to say Speedwagon has much more experience than Hank as Speedwagon's whole life up to when he met Jonathan was essentially experience, it's implied Speedwagon was even born in the slums. Don't know about who's more skilled though, tough call, Speedwagon is implied skilled enough to hold his own against martial artists and a bunch of deadly crooks but the only times we seen him fight is against the juggernaught that is Jonathan (although Speedwagon showed that he has good analytical skills and deducing Jonathan's strength and how much effort he's outting into fighting as well as knowing by experience that Dio is scum) and against zombies. Speedwagon is implied someone who knows some kung fu and Hank is more skilled than Bill (although really it depends what Bill is, not everything has training like a Navy Seal, some soldiers are a lot tougher than others).
Odd, I recall seeing in Mario discussions that only applies to occasional equipment, in fact I'm pretty sure that's why occasional and standard are two different things now.
Some rules are kinda uncertain tbh. I've had issues on what speed equalize actually equalizes too.

Hanks been taught since he was a child via cotton who was also military. Even if speeds more experienced. It's hardly much, doesn't negate the strength and durability advantages hank has, and the skill is more in hanks side due to military level training
Pretty sure speed equal is code for dont think about speed in general.

Being taught off and on isnt the same thing as daily fighting and expeditions that Speedwagon has went through. Speedwagon has been almost everywhere from the artcic to africa to britain, picking up skills and learning from those he encounters. Pretty sure some of his crooks come from his travels like the china man who allegedly knows kung fu. Being taught something isnt the same as being taught things and also putting them to use actively, almost everyday if not every day. And again, military is a bit vague? Like we talking Seals? Because seals are the hardcore baller shit.
Even if he holds experience, Hanks still ultimately got the fact he has been trained in fighting. Bit by bit as a kid. And then flat out military after high school. He may not have used his skills every day, but he certainly was made to train with them rather consistently with how Cotton implied treated and raised hum. Then whooping Boom who is a Texas ranger (which requires 10 years minimum of outstanding law enforcement and amazing physical condition, and several years past in the show. So Booms got over 10 years of experience at the bare minimum).

Standard army.
I mean you could argue context matters heavily in that situation such as how serious the fight was or how complex it looked