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(Grace) Doomguy vs Connie Maheswaran


Yeah I'm in the middle of downloading doom and it's taking forever (6 mbps rip), so I wanted to make this match. Connie has a lot of wins. Let's see if Doomguy can rip through the winstreak. Combatants start ten meters apart, nothing is restricted besides weapons and objects higher than 9-B. Speed is equal.

Connie Maheswara: 1

Doomguy: 7
ApiesDeathbyLazors said:
Thay do grant her a massive shield though, so that's why I was curious. Does Doomguy have any kind of aoe in 9-B?
Four words. Rocket launcher splash damage.

Doomguy GG
You can't really deflect splash damage, and has she shown to be able to deflect an explosive projectile like a rocket?
I mean Doomguy doesn't really have to aim at her specifically either to be fair. He could just hit the ground around her and that's just as well
Uh. Doomguy is limited to his pistol, shotgun, and chainsaw. This won't give him a good chance to actually kill Connie.
Which she can still dodge.

Anyways, breakdown.

Doomguy has range. Because, you know, gun.

Connie actually has skill in the bag here. This Doomguy doesn't have the centuries of fighting experience his 2016 version does. To put it simply, Doomguy can fight through hoards of 9-A to 8-B enemies with only mere 9-B durability, while Connie can do the same against 7-A characters. The difference is Doomguy had a variety of guns and power-ups while Connie only had her sword. Furthermore, Connie's competition was thousands of years old and she herself was trained by a thousand year old war veteran known to take down entire regiments by herself. If Connie gets close, she'll lob his head clean off.

The problem is getting close. Doomguy sure as hell isn't about to stand still, his speciality is not getting hit. Plus, Super Shotguns spread can pose a serious threat if she gets close. However, her sword can deflect his bullets and rockets and she's skilled enough to dodge the explosions. Amps can help him in close quarters, but he'll have a hard time hitting her and vice versa.

Ultimately, voting Connie 6/10. She's more skilled, her sword and skill give her an answer to most of Doomguy's tricks, but he's not to be underestimated. I can easily see him catching her off guard with an amp and blowing her head off, I just don't see it happening before he's bisected.
It comes from the Revenant, who shoots out rockets in which the first link displays. Doomguy uses the same rockets.

The thing is, Connie can one-shot as far as I'm aware while Doomguy can't. His pistol is kinda useless, leaving him with only his shot gun and chainsaw. Chainsaw is out of the question, Connie from what I heard is way better in close combat. I mean Doomguy can fight demons which can possibly live for a long time, though he's also fought the Icon of Sin who is likely many years old due to showings of him making these demons. But Connie still has the edge in skill.

Supershot guns are only 9-B when shot far, shot up close makes it 9-A. Which makes it restricted. I guess he might be able to kill her via invulnerability sphere and invisibility? That might be able to give him the win.
Doomguy should at least be comparable. He compares to breaking a metal door because of the Pinky's
The Wright Way said:
Connie actually has skill in the bag here. This Doomguy doesn't have the centuries of fighting experience his 2016 version does.
Campaigns Doomguy has fought through singlehandedly:

Knee-Deep in the Dead

The Shores of Hell


Thy Flesh Consumed

Doom II: Hell on Earth (possibly Master Levels for Doom II)

No Rest for the Living


TNT: Evilution

The Plutonia Experiment

Doom 64

DG has absolutely massive experience advantage. While this may not directly correlate to trained skill, it still counts for a lot. He's not just gonna let her decap him. Besides, as we will see below, his durability in armor is probably too high for her to do much damage to him

Jackythejack said:
Also I'm gonna say that doomguy is like fourteen megajoules. He's like four times stronger
Doomguy apparently scales higher than Imps' steel door busting (which he can fodderize), which is 12,890,000 J (and his durability with blue armor scales far higher than this)

Connie scales to... the wall busting feat she scales to, which is 3,423,483 J

Also: Doomguy: At least Class K (Physically stronger than the Lost Soul)

Connie: Above Average Human (Able to wield Rose's Sword, which is as large as her)

´╝▓´╝®´╝░ ´╝í´╝«´╝ñ ´╝┤´╝Ñ´╝í´╝▓ occurs if he gets his hands on her.
It's over 4x, as he is much more durable in blue armor and can already pretty much fodderize Imps.
Hm, maybe I can see Doomguy finish her off via invisibility + invulnerablity once he sees his guns aren't doing shit.

Items above 9-B are restricted.

This includes Doomguy's combat armors.

AND Connie's swords and shield, which scale to 6-C.

Connie is weaponless here.
Also would like to point out that Connie's skill has allowed her to match and beat opponents with millenia more combat experience than Doomguy
WeeklyBattles said:
Connie's sword is 9-B
"Island level with her Sword and Rose's Sword"

Not according to the profile, which is what we're using on VSBW.
Wall level (Able to block and deflect the Training Robot's attacks which were capable of destroying cars, managed to injure a Gem Monster who tore down a wall and ruined most of a school over time. Easily cut a car in half.), Can bypass conventional durability against Gems with her Sword and Rose's Sword (Able to one-shot low level Forced Fusion Gems. Dispatched Corrupted-Fused Gems, who were strong enough to almost overpower Steven)

Her sword is not 6-C in attack potency, thus it does not get restricted
Yeah, having a sword with 6-C durability when Doomguy isn't allowed durability items higher than 9-B is a little unfair.