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Cause Thin man is very Pale. Or sort of pale... it's funny!


Equal speed

Both High 8-C obviously

thin mans gun is restricted

Both get their motorcycle, thin man has his blades.

That's all, let's do this!

Creepy Thin Ma:

Ghost Rider:
Thin man was in two explosions that happened one after another. Each have about 2.874610400454111 tons of TNT
I mean having a sword fight on a motorcycle sounds ******* impossible-

At least GR's weapon is a bit more capable of being used on a motorcycle
He has utilized a blade while on his motorcycle. That's also what the blades part of his shoe is for. It may be hard, but there's no doubt he is skilled. And knocking him off the bike is an option too
I mean yeah.

GR has the ranged advantage. Not only with AoE but his weapon just allows for it more easily.
Ahh together though. Thin man has more on him. Intelligence, Skill, durability, and power. He has also faced people using chains as a weapon before. End of the movie albeit, but one of the angels was using a chain and he had them on the ground. Wasn't as long, but means he is familiar with that kind of weapon. Plus his other advantages, and the capabilities to fight and knock GR off his motorcycle.
Also, fire isn't initially a good weapon to use. These are people who are so tough, one dude was walking through fire completely unfazed
Ghost Rider's skill isn't garbage, he can still easily fight off Suit Amped Punisher, who has military training, and other beings comparable to him. So he wouldn't like flop around when taken off his bike, he's still able to decently fight for himself, and is surrounded by flames which make meleeing him a pain.

I will heavily doubt anyone uses chains like Ghostie, Intelligence by itself matters very less and the Hellfire AoE will be very disorienting and effective here, and like... you can't pressure point a skeleton...

EDIT: Hellfire isn't Fire, it burns the soul...
Ok. I didn't deny he had skill. But Thin man has WAY more skill. Fighting Military vs Dominating a singe angel who who take on trained soldiers one on one, trained fighters while tied up in a chair, and then fighting all three of them at once, who finds taken on a base of military people as normal. Which is the normal kinds of stuff they do.

PP is not whats needed. Decapitation is. Or just beating him to death, or cutting him to death. Ect. He wouldn't try pressure points. He is Smart enough to not try that against the obvious skeleton

and if he had that kind of ability. Why wasn't that brought to up like way earlier? That's not even on his page. That can seriously effect fights since that's bypass durability.
Again. Punisher. All the things you're saying, Punisher has done, so saying that at the absolute best, Thin Man has a significant, yet minor advantage.

Good luck decapitating anything with swords, realistically cannot happen in a combat situation.

It's literally listed on his profile, Hellfire Manipulation, which if you go to the ability page, says:

Often bearing unusual colors, hellfire can cause excruciating pain that surpasses the harm that normal fire causes, and is often capable of harming souls and preventing conventional Regenerationn.
So, *dabs*, he can't just tank it
Don't blame me when I have my doubts on that. Frankly. This hellfire thing popping up suddenly on my thread but never on the other two threads is pretty messed up and underhanded. Especially considering how main of a weapon it is and how big of an effect it has.

It still needs to specify it on his actual page because it says it is Often capable. Not it is always. And since it didn't specify it could on his page. That means we shouldn't assume it does. Hellfire manipulation doesn't automatically mean soul destruction. It's not even labeled on his AP he can bypass conventional durability with Hellfire. That is a huge thing which causes huge changes to his three fights. The last one for dang certain he wins now.
It's not exactly a bypass, that part has to be specifically stated, Hellfire does imply pain manip though.

If he wins the last match get it removed ig

i literally made the page mate, i've basically made/remade all the Ultimate Marvel pages.
You said it burns the soul. That's bypassing durability. Assaulting the soul would bypass conventional durability.

And try you failed to bring this up until just now.
It burning souls isn't apparently guaranteed as I just realized, since I relooked the page and the burning soul thing isn't guaranteed for the ability

Regardless, immense pain is guaranteed, therefore he still can't just tank it.

Mate have you seen my total inputs in these matches? I make half of them therefore I can't aggressively argue, so if I brought it up, I didn't pester the voters over and over again about it.

You made this one, so I can pester and provide counterarguments as an OP
We can make arguments counter arguments as the OP. It just means we can't count our own votes, and have to keep track of what other people vote.
We still can't pester other voters to an insane degree and demand for them to argue to our points obsessively.

And even then, the Aruto matchup still goes down as prior, and I doubt the Chel one goes differently considering I literally list that advantage 2nd comment in
"Chel can yank his chain and throw him off his bike if he's too annoying, can't hold onto it though, constantly burning."

That's the closest thing you said to that. Which just meant touching his chain for long was a bad idea. Not being in his hellfire causes immense and extreme amounts of pain.
Well then whoops ig I forgot to mention it. Sorry if my exams were more important than debating properly on that thread.

And it's not like I'm mentioning anything not listed on the profile already.