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Flaws in Goku's page

Goku's tier listing for SSB with Kaioken is Tier 3-A, and his striking level is listed as Universal. If I'm not mistaken, all stats are based on Feats, and if I'm not mistaken, Goku has never destroyed a universe with a single punch, so why is he listed as being able to? The closest thing on his page that explains this is "(He can increase that power 10-fold by activating this technique in combination, which was sufficient to surprise Beerus)" which is only a statement, and Beerus being surprised doesn't prove he could destroy a universe with one punch.

His durability is also listed as Universal level with Kaioken, with no explaination. He hasn't faced anyone who has been shown to destroy an entire Universe with one punch, so where is this coming from?
Stats aren't simply decided by "Can destroy X with a punch".

In this case, Goku shook the Universe with a punch. While not Universal, it is near that level. 10X power would most likely lead Goku to full on Universal. Same for Durability, it is increased in a similar way.
That's exactly how they're listed, the quote Striking Level Page "Universal (Physical strikes that can destroy everything in a Universe with a single punch)"
Or strikes that can harm people who should be able to survive universe busting.

Goku was nearly at the level of Universe busting, and Kaioken certainly boosted him up to that level.
Please read the attack potency page. Not having the area of effect is in no way an argument against viable powerscaling nor do we limit ourselves to feats when discussing the abilities of a character. Nonetheless, we've discussed this to death and are certainly not going to alter it.