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Finn the Human vs Sasuke the...human too

Hello bois, let's try this one

- Both are 5-C, Boruto Era Sasuke used here. I'm unsure which 5-C key for Finn would be the most fair for this fight so let's start with season 1 and we change it if necessary

- Speed is Equal

- Both are in character

- They start with 100 meters between them

The human:

The other human:

The Inconclusive
Couldn't find any value for Finn's 5-C rating. Sasuke scales above 280 Exatons I think
Sasuke has a huge AP advantage and can deal and resist a lot of things Finn can do. How high is his mind manip resistance? Sasuke can also seal Finn.
Funny enough the gap between them is almost a one shot.

Anyways Sasuke curbstomps Finn harder than he curbstomped Team Yamatk at the beginning of Shippuden.
No it can't

Kurama and Momoshiki begs to differ. One destroyed Pain's CT and the other destroyed Sasuke's.

The only exception to this is Kaguya who wasn't able to do this but they used an special CT to deal with her.
Pain's Chibaku Tensei is far different from Sasuke's. Sasuke doesn't use the black orb. The target becomes the center. Momoshiki destroyed in the anime, wich we don't use. We use the manga.
But even if we consider this, Momoshiki destroyed because he is > Sasuke. Sasuke is far stronger than Finn.
In the Manga he didn't even use it

>Momoshiki destroyed because he is > Sasuke. Sasuke is far stronger than Finn.

And what did I say? I said it can be destroyed with raw strength but it doesn't matter because Sasuke has the advantage, I scratched the rest since it wasn't even necessary to point it out again