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Fiamma's Base Durability

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I was adding better justifications for Fiamma's base AP and fixing some minor stuff when I noticed that his base Durability is just Continent level while his AP was upgraded to Large Continent level a while ago. Seeing as he is the same type of character as Accelerator (Uses Holy Right for both offense and defense, similar to Accelerator's Vector Control, so both character's feats are clearly for both AP and Durability), shouldn't his base Durability also be Large Continent level, just like his other key's is Planet level? Something like:

"Likely Large Continent level with Holy Right (Fiamma uses Holy Right for both offense and defense)"
I guess that makes sense.

I think one could probably even drop the "likely" (especially since LPSaD doesn't have it and IIRC that didn't have more feats in that regard).
Same as Aizen. Fiamma's Dura in his 5-B stats has Planet level dura which matches up with his AP, so i think having Large Continent Dura should line it up as well with his AP.
Alright. Yeah this change wasn't really that big in a way and since it's done and agreed i'll go and close this.
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