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New Calc was accepted

This scales only to the Dragon Gods, Acnologia, Seven Flames and Ignia's Power Natsu

Pretty simple, they become "At least 6-B, likely 6-A"

So let's get this settled peacefully, because we all know how God Tier Revisions go...
Im not sure about Ignia's flames Natsu scaming to this. He defeated Mercuphobia while he was at 50% of his power, nothing says that Natsu is as strong as a Dragon God at full power.
That's not true^

We've gone over this argument a million times, Natsu beat a Full Power Merchphobia, Ignia said that Merchphobia hadn't even used half his power when fighting Team Natsu, it's then said that after Natsu gained Ignia's power, Merchphobia finally got serious and used his full power

At no point was it stated Mercphobia was restricted to only using 50%, that's a headcanon that was being mispread, it's just that he hadn't used half his power yet cause he didn't feel he needed to against Team Natsu, it's like when frieza wasn't using his full power against Goku, it's not that he couldn't, he just chose not too

Natsu defeated a Full Power Mercphobia
Ya my b my memory sucks lol

EDIT: it doesn't look like the sky opened up when I take a look at it

EDIT 2: @Calaca doesn't agree with the upgrade
We can clearly see bright light and skys after Aldoron Roars, all those dark clouds around his head are gone, also we can see the Clouds opening in the image before

To be fair, at least this is based on a new calc from the manga instead of old topics
Eh? then what's the point in agreeing with the calc? if can't be something innacurate for us to say "yeah let's go with it" u might as well give your concerns and see if Mitch needs to change something
I already done so.

To be more clear, I think the feat is usable, however, the calc might need a slight modification.
Oh i agree witg the feat being usable but the calc itsef needs to be correct is what i meant


U might have to make a small change in the calc

I edited the Calc using a bigger Mountain to alleviate your Issues with the calc and it's still 6-B, just on a lower level, I hope you like and agree with this change
Good. It's not the tallest but it's more consistent with the other mountains.

So, to sum it up, SBT Acno would be 17TT, while the rest are 8.5TT.
Well, since we all agree here and staff members have agreed, Imma make the changes now
8.5 Teratons, slightly above Baseline 6-B

Honestly works perfecty with Fairy Heart Zeref, they're stronger than him by a decent amount, but not an obscene amount
Acnologia vs Kaido would be really badass actually...

OP Indestructible Dragons
Agreed, but sadly as of now, Acno would sort of stomp (or at least decisively win) thanks to DS magic.

And don't worry, I won't make the matches, someone else will.
Wait until we have Kaido fighting serious and we might have a fight.

Right now the most balanced matchup I can think about is Mercuphobia vs Shanks or Roger... and they don't have too many feats.
I mean Kaido's got Haki, which is pretty Hax at the highest level

Both also have extreme durability due to being a Dragon, Acnologia could get by Kaido's with Dragon Slayer Magic, while Kaido could also bypass Acnologia's durability with Goken if he has it