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Ephrael Stern vs Demon Lord Bane


VS Battles
Speed Equalised

Looked relatively fair with speed equalised, despite Bane's physically lower tier, due to his time hax and teleportation letting him dodge. He'll still get OHKO but first he has to actually get hit

Ephrael Ster

Bane Profile

Starting distance 100m

Since I'm probably the only one on this site who knows Bane, I will answer any questions people may have about him.
Ephrael's hax resistance allows her to tank Bane's hax abilities until he exhausts himself and Stern kicks his ass.

Although, it'd take an awful amount of time to do so...
Wow, I never thought this fight would actually get any input.


Bane: 0

Ephrael: 1
I will say that on the topic of him exhausing himself though, Bane is not above retreating and teleporting into a different universe to take a rest
Not sure whether I should just remake this or necro-bump it...

Neither of them have gone through any major changes though. And considering Bane is from an obscure e-book series, I kinda want to keep any votes on the thread I get.