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So Emrakul want to do his usually Eldrazi titans activity by eating a universes or this time the Shin Megami Tensei multiverse, YHVH in all of his glory of the god wont let this happen, so both at full power and no PIS or thing like that.

-Emrakul: 1 vote

-YHVH: 1 vote

inconclusive: 2 votes

who will obliterate who?

Tentacles shenanigans.

YHVH True Form Render
God with ugly name and ugly appearance...
Emrakul stomps badly given he extremely resistance to reality warping. YHVH can't put down Emrakul with his Mid-Godly to possibly High-Godly regen and immortality. Emrakul erases YHVH from existence and calls it a day.
This is tough, but I'd say Emrakul after an epic battle. I wouldn't say this due to raw power, but more due to Emrakul's fundamental nature. The entity itself comes from the Blind Eternities; a place of pure chaos where all things simultaneously exist and do not exist, are and are not. The roiling waves of pure creation and destruction can tear apart 2-A/At least 2-A beings who just happen to pass through for longer than they should have. Emrakul was "born" here, and its existence is fundamentally similar. The Eldrazi make existence vanish around them for a reason; their nature is one of unending hunger, and they shall feed on all that is until there is nothing left. They don't even technically exist, nor are they non-existent. They are almost like the "will" of the void that is the Blind Eternities made manifest. Even 2-A oldwalkers, as powerful as they were, could only view the shadows the Eldrazi Titans cast down into the multiverse they were devouring.

In the end, while both are definitely what one would consider gods, Emrakul is the unrelenting void, and will eventually topple a foe who could not permanently do the same to her. Were I to measure this battle with something as meager as time, it would likely take longer than the entire history of the universe.
I think this is inconclusive, given their powers (and even how they are portrayed in their series, realy. YHVH took a lot of effort and plot related powers - Observation - to take him down for real otherwise it would be impossible). Also, YHVH stomps 2-A's who stomp 2-A's who stomp 2-A's... And it keeps going, he sees 2-A as peons at best. Even the likes of Lucifer and Merkabah.

I don't know anything about Emrakul aside from what's on hs profile, but while Azathoth makes good points, I really don't think him or YHVH can decisively win this. Could go either way for me.
FateAlbane said:
Also, YHVH stomps 2-A's who stomp 2-A's who stomp 2-A's... And it keeps going, he sees 2-A as peons at best. Even the likes of Lucifer and Merkabah.
Yeah, 2-As are so far below these two it's not even funny. YHVH stomps an incredible degree of 2-As ridiculously casually, and 2-As couldn't even touch what amounts to Emrakul's shadow, and die just from staying in the place it was born.
Well I use the evil high 2-A YHVH which is stronger than regular high 2-A YHVH that is superior to infinity 2-A of him which pretty much almost not a single other 2-A in this wiki can touch, so yeah generic 2-A is irrelevant in here.
Yeah, that's the point I was trying to make, really. That the two characters are so broken - equally broken for me - that it could go either way or nowhere, as I see it.
Someone above mentioned their 2-A feats being applied their high 2-A status(stating YHVH should be high end of High 2-A because his 2-A form is stronger than most).
2-A is a vast tier. A 2-A can easily stomp another 2-A without being of a higher tier. The 2-A thing from both sides was brought up because both of them (even if you don't consider the High 2-A thing) are ridiculously above other 2-A's who are above 2-A's, above 2-A... And so on. It was just a comparison to show just how impossibly strong they both are in their own verses, in similar ways.
no that's not how our system work, high 2-A is infinity times more stronger than infinity 2-A, also here, infinite amount of 4-D power dosent mean anything in 5D.
This is getting offtopic. We never said the 2-A's had an infinite ammount of 4-D power, you can be 2-A without necessarily having infinite 4-D power, as that's the absolute highest end of 2-A.
Then what's between infinite 2-A and High 2-A? Because infinite isn't a number, therefore it's impossible for a character to be stronger than infinite.
...I'll just pretend I'm not seeing this part of the discussion from here onwards, lest we'll get sidetracked to no end here.
Drop the trivial discussion man.

It's impossible for their to be an gap between an infinite 2-A and High 2-A. If a character is stronger than a being with infinite power, that character should obviously be higher-dimensional.

This is my final reply in regards to this topic.
NO you is the '''one who should Drop this '''since that how we rate them and if you have any problem with that then say that in content revision or else where and not HERE.
Too many infinity can couse problem I guess, but its seems like he not agree with YHVH high 2-A evil form being stronger than his regular high 2-A since his regular high 2-A already superior to infinity 2-A of him.
Hmmm, I see

@Breloom, like he said, take it up in a content revision thread or drop it, this really isn't the thread for that topic.

EDIT: Still @Breloom, this really isn't the thread
@Jim: Don't slander me man.

This discussion has nothing to do with YHVH High 2-A ratings.In my opinion, if a character is immensely stronger than a infinite 2-A, they should be higher than "At least 2-A".
There are alot of infinite and not finite At least 2-A in Shin Megami Tensei which YHVH at least 2-A form can fodderized, and we rated his High 2-A base on infinity number of his at least 2-A, and also what does any of that supposed to do or mean anything with this Thread ? seriously?
YHVH wins honestly. Regen doesn't mean jack to him when he has an insta-kill technique (two of them, in fact). And existential erasure is honestly nothing new to the series. YHVH should win this after a fight.
@Tivanenk: The idea of YHVH "insta-killing" a entity with type-4 immortality, Mid to High-Godly regen, and a extreme resistance to reality warping/magic is laughable.
Curious to hear from who Emrakul type 4 immortal come from, since it doesn't seem to be explained in Emrakul profile.
BreloomFanboy said:
@Tivanenk: The idea of YHVH "insta-killing" a entity with type-4 immortality, Mid to High-Godly regen, and a extreme resistance to reality warping/magic is laughable.
I find it laughable that you don't think it will not insta-kill him, because YHVH can do that to basically any demon or god in the series, some of which are pure nothingness itself.
You're right, killing pure nothingness > regenerating from nothingness. I apologize for the misunderstanding.
All depends on what regen it is. Mid godly, Tiv could have a point, but I'm not certain. High godly, YHVH isn't taking that down.

Though I do have to ask, who was this nothing that THVH did kill.
Are you misinterpreting me or something? Regenerating from nothing is Mid-Godly regen. Destroying an in-corporeal entity doesn't mean a character bypasses regen.