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Emrakul vs God Emperor of Mankind

Which one would make this fairer? mid?

Note: I just realized there is another thread with these two, but its old, I guess its okay then?
"Power Nullification (Most notable with Regenerationn, as he is able to destroy his foes in every sphere of existence. Destroyed Horus' soul to such a degree that even the Chaos Gods, who can cause concepts such as time to not exist or spontaneously exist, could do nothing to restore him)"

I don't think the Mid Godly would matter
In my opinion, GEOM wins if it is mid, and it's likely a stalemate if it's high
Bump almost a month later. Also i'm voting GEOM. If the Chaos Gods couldn't restore Horus due to the void manipulation of Big E, Emrakul ain't coming back from that.
Sort of a necro but whatever, has this not been done before and ended with inconclusive because both of the characters are too in the shadows with their true power to make a good match?