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Durge vs Darth Maul

Clone Wars Darth Maul
Clone Wars Darth Maul

Here we have 2 of the deadliest villains in star wars.


Composites for both (Micro Series and Legends for Durge, and TCW, Legends, and TPM for Maul)

Maul has his Darksaber, Saberstaff, and Single Blade.

Durge has all weapons ever attributed to him.

I'd add bloodlust, but these guys are always bloodlusted lol.
Mmm.... this is actually a really hard fight for me. Durge has tagged and fought other enemies similar to Maul before... although Maul was regarded as one of the best duelests ever, his clone was able to tag and nearly defeat Vader...

I can't really decide this, honestly. Inconclusive for me.
Durge takes this pretty handily IMO.

Anakin (a character who is both a better duelist and a better force user than Maul, and honestly is > Maul in every way other than possibly dura) couldnt subdue Durge for any sustainable period until he tosses him into the sun. A few more minutes and Durge likely wouldve won as he had already subdued Kenobi, and Anakin was getting worn out.

Maul might at first have the edge but he has no way to put Durge down or honestly even KO him. Durge will likely just outlast Maul. It eill take a really long time due to Mauls inhuman stamina.

@Aparajita Maul was only able to push Vader due to his better agility. Vader is superior to Maul... In every other way. Maul had 2 sabers hes a master of Juyo, extremely fast, and hes physically comparable to Vader strength wise. and while Vaders defense is good hes not Kenobi level.