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Yeah, I knew it would happen, could part 1 Dio work? I will put part 3io on the list.
00potato said:
Just because. I will give Geralt a day of prep and knowledge though to be fair.
Wooooo, this might be pretty interesting, since every time DIO is going to time stop, Quen will be activated, rendering time stop useless.
It still counters all of his actions since Geralt can't react to it. If he is caught without Quen once, then it is over.
Before DIO shouts THE WORLD he already might activate Quen.

Geralt also can probably see Stands, as he can see and interact with immaterial/intangible/invisible spirits.
Didn't he use only one against Kakyoin? He doesn't need to do it in one since he can time stop to avoid Geralt hurting him.
SpookyShadow said:
Dio will hurt himself by hitting Quen though.
Would it work if he throws knifes? That is what he did in a similar situation against Joseph.
No it lasts for minutes

Then again Dio's mind resistance isn't enough to stop Geralt from going "Leave" and having him leave.
Geralt has prep and knowledge. He will use it.

He probably might also use Axii as well. Normally he won't, but he has prep and knowledge so that's entirely different story.
With prep geralt will probably win due to him knowing when dio will use time stop and having his equipment

Geralt would quen up immediately and if dio tries to attack geralt, dio will damage himself due to quen reflection ability and would instantly realise that his time stop ability is useless so they will go hand to hand combat which geralt will most likely dominate over dio

Igni can easily bypass dio's regen and geralt's experience with non tangible beings would make the worlds punches useless