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Dimensional Superstructure Revision

You should also ask Ultima Reality to help with evaluating the information in it.
Well, the DS isn't on POTM blog. But i need POTM help because if we upgrade the DS to 1-A, the Anti-Music of Barbatos should be upgraded as well and i also need POTM help because i don't know if the Collective Uncouscious that powers the telepaths is the same thing as the realm on POTM blog in the Collective Uncouscious section.
I might agree to this. The Totality is the total power used to create the entire DC Multiverse.

Basically the Totality created all of this and more.

The Monitor Sphere, The Godly Sphere, The Speed Force (and all the other forces), the upper layer of the Multiverse with its 52 universes, the lower layer of the Multiverse (Dark Multiverse) with its near infinite number of universes.

Even those of the 5th dimension partially feed on the energy that comes from the DC Multiverse.

When Perpetua created what later became the DC Multiverse, she used the power of The Source had given her.

That power apparently can be broken down into seven powers/aspects:

  • The Speed Force
  • The Emotional Spectrum
  • The Godly Sphere (from where all magic comes from)
  • The Life Force
  • The Collective Unconscious
  • The Dimensional Superstructure
And there is one last unknown force. That Starman says it is connected to Faith.

Each power has a negative aspect to it like the Still Force and The Invisible Spectrum.

If Perpetua gains that last power yet to be discovered she will recover all of her power. And with her full power she will remake the entire DC Multiverse, bending everything to her will.

Gods and Goddesses will be turned into her slaves!!!

That is why Darkseid created a safe place inside the Ghost Sector.

He knows he can't stand to Perpetua thus he created a pocked dimension outside all space and time of the DC Multiverse. That way he can survive to see how things will go down and eventually find himself a new place to rule. Till then Darkseid is betting that he can keep himself hidden from Perpetua.

And we have seen that from all the other gods and goddesses. They are all disappearing so they aren't destroyed by Perpetua.

When Perpetua was released, The gods of New Genesis bailed on everyone!

Even the Oan Guardians have already accepted the Multiverse is going to die and they will die with it!

They are simply trying to keep things in order until the end comes:

Even the Specter, The supreme agent of Heaven, knows something terrible is coming!

The Specter can't do anything against Perpetua.

So Perpetua from the Omniverse of the Source, She "picked up some space" of the endless infinity that is the Omniverse, and she created with her power a Multiverse.

That is why Perpetua is known as the First Creator.

Because she created what later Alpheus under the orders of the other Super Celestials like Perpetua, reshaped into what would became the DC Multiverse.

Perpetua herself is just one of those Super Celestials. And she clearly is not the strongest. Still she alone created a Multiverse.

Perpetua job just like that of her brothers and sisters is to create new Multiverses under the orders of the Source. Or at least it was until she went rogue.

Eventually another Super Celestial came and created the Source Wall from Perpetua own power, trapping her inside the Source Wall, as well as the power that once had been the one held by Perpetua.

So considering Perpetua was among those Super Celestials that create Multiverses on a whim, and keep maintenance those Multiverses.

Each Multiverse that strays away from the path the Source has designed to it, then it's also the job of the Super Celestials to destroy corrupt Multiverses.

So not only does the Totality represents the power that created the entire DC Multiverse, but it is also what powers everything in DC!

All the gods and goddesses, all the universes, everything in DC gets its power from the Totality.

The destruction of the Source Wall simply broke the Totality into seven pieces.

The forces are now being discovered.

So when Superman took and tanked that blast of energy from the Totality in a weakened state. I think he tanked 3/7 of the energy of the entire Multiverse.

Why 3/7? Because three of the seven parts of the Totality had already been discovered at the time in Justice League (2018)

So a Superman in a weakened state handled 3/7 of the power that not only created the entire DC Multiverse, but has also been powering that Multiverse?

That is why he was able to beat Alpheus with just a total of a few seconds of sundipping!

Him tanking that energy was just another proof amongst many others, Superman in his natural yellow sun fueld power is already a Multiversal powerhouse!

Now imagine if he had sundipped into a Blue Star or better yet into a Quasar.

His power would go so high even I'm not even sure Perpetua could match it!

So we already know who and how can Perpetua be defeated for good. The only question is…

Will DC Comics be brave enough to show Superman if he actually did a Blue Sun diving?

Because once that is done, it can't be undone. Not without some reboot.

Also like Starman said, almost every member of the League has a connection to one of those seven powers.

  • Flash = Speed Force
  • Martian Manhunter = Collective Unconscious
  • Wonder Woman = Godly Sphere
  • Green Lantern = Emotional Spectrum
  • Aquaman = Life Force
Kryptonians and Superman are possibly linked to the last power.
Elizio33 said:
Well, the DS isn't on POTM blog. But i need POTM help because if we upgrade the DS to 1-A, the Anti-Music of Barbatos should be upgraded as well and i also need POTM help because i don't know if the Collective Uncouscious that powers the telepaths is the same thing as the realm on POTM blog in the Collective Uncouscious section.
POTM recently messaged me that he will no longer have the time to visit here and help out much anymore, so he wanted me to demote him. However, you can still ask him and other knowledgeable members for help if you wish. Maybe he will help out a bit?

Matthew Schroeder, Zensum, C2 of Omego, Eficiente, Qawsedf234, PrinceOfTheMorning, Sandman31, SuperAPM, Zark2099, ClassicNESfa, Firestorm808, FanofRPGs, Hykuu, Ultima Reality, Kepekley23.
Bump. One, I'm unsure what this affects. But, What the heck does "Mh" mean ?

Secondly, based on the blog, what is he implying the 'Sphere of the Gods' to be ? I don't want to say anything to sound wanked, but it does seem he is heavily implying something really huge. I figured it would be okay to ask since it affects what the Sixth Dimension is as it's higher than the Sphere to my knowledge.
Have you asked the people I recommended for help?
@Antvasima yes

@ABoogieYesSir what do you mean? All the hidden force are unlocked in the current story.
The seventh dark force was unlocked in JL #34 and it is faithlessness
You should ask ClassicNESfan and Sandman31 to comment here.
On the other hand, Ultima Reality is already working on adapting PrinceofTheMorning's blog to an official DC Comics cosmology page for us, and I have asked Classic and Matthew to help him out. This thread may be premature.

We also likely need to remove The Dimensional Superstructure (DC Comics) page in conjunction.