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Devil May Cry: Frost & Absolute Zero Temperature


VS Battles
Frosts are stated to freeze the air around their blades at below absolute zero temp

"Devil May Cry, Enemy File — Frost: "The cold honed claws are none other than an ice blade. The air around the blades is below absolute zero temperature and the victims who are slashed will die without feeling any pain."

Would this mean that Dante being able to fight against such a being physically mean he has some resistance to matter manipulation?

The very idea of "below absolute zero" is utterly absurd, it defies basic logic for something to have literally negative speed of molecular movement

All it shows is that the author doesn't understand the term, other than the name

Still, I'm not too knowledgeable on this kinds of things and I would like someone else's commentary.
That would seem to be the case. Not to mention the fact that he's constantly in close proximity to the weapons while wielding them.
Kind of ruins the point of "absolute" doesn't it?

Nevertheless, I suppose someone else will need to weigh in on it as my word alone isn't good enough.
We can probably only state that he has extreme cold resistance.
Well, unless we get explicit demonstrations that he can resist unwilling transformations, we probably cannot use it.
Well although there are no demonstrations of Dante being able to resist such a thing, there is a statement that Ifrit gauntlets has heat sufficent enough to go through the Frosts. I am not sure how hot something would need to be be able to counter Absolute Zero, but whatever that heat is Dante has managed to resist it in a cutscene.

"Devil May Cry, Enemy File — Frost: "Although impervious even to volcanic fire, the frosts are weak to higher realms of incendiary. Use the hellfire of Ifrit to counter them."
Again, we cannot assign entirely speculative powers to different characters. My apologies, but that is final.
Sorry if I feel like I am stepping out of my bounds, but I don't really see what is so speculative about the statements I have brought in. One of them states that Frosts can freeze the air around them at below absolute zero tempreture while the other states Ifrit has the heat needed to counter them.
Yes. That is not speculative for stating that the DMC characters are immune to cold. What is speculative is to state that they are automatically immune to anybody trying to transform them into potatoes.
Ahh! So sorry I was not trying to convey that all. Dante can still be vulnearable to someone trying to manipulate his atoms, but being able to resist/bypass absolute zero tempreture is a bit more than just having extremely effective cold resistance. But I think I myself am not entirely sure on what resisting absolute zero tempretures would entail in terms of abilities, I think I should ask DontTalk or something.

At Absolute Zero, atoms simply stop moving and thus lose the energy that maintains their cohesiveness, causing them to fall apart under their own weight.
Now this has left me with a question, how hot does something need to be to even breach through absolute zero tempretures? This could be rather impressive for the Ifrit Gauntlets I guess.
I think AMM's point is that by resisting temperatures that are "below Absolute Zero", Dante has resistance to abilities that specifically target and destroy the atoms of the subject.
Things can be sub-zero in terms of a definition of temperature that deals with the order of atoms, but not in the definition of temperature that is the average energy of all particles.

So in other words this below absolute zero thing has more energy than a usual absolute zero state.

The interesting question is what to do with that.

I don't think it would be resistance to destroying atoms or anything.

It could maybe be resistance to cold and absolute zero techniques, but given that according to your article the heat would flow from negate temperature to positive temperature, probably not even that.