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Does that... necessarily help with the ionic drain though? Like, Luffy can stretch, but he still has to physically punch you right? Wouldn't that potentially put him in leeching range? Does Cole have a win condition at least?
Can't Luffy just see 10 seconds into the future and wait to punch

Then punch when Ionic Drain is over?

Or am I overestimating his Precog
That's still a funny mental image though. Like, Luffy stretching and stopping his fist just outside his radius. Cole does this big dramatic stretch and has soon as it ends, Luffy's fist is just there.

"Aw, come o-"

Just a little bit above it, technically. He blew the head off a guy who did an effortless 948 Megaton feat.

Granted he scales to being stronger then that feat and it was done by him literally waking up so.

Though wait doesn't his Precog get at that level?
His precog at this point is some Minor telepathy via emotion sense. The more aggresive the opponent is, the easier to read.

Luffy's currently being revised but it's either 1.19GT, 1.54GT or 1.98GT in Gear Second.

Any Gear Third attack, although, would one-shot like he did to Hody Jones.
Don't think it would one shot unless it straight up KOs Cole to the point that his regen can't heal the damage he was dealt

Though, if his Precog isn't that good, he gets close and just dies to Ionic Drain, so I need to know a bit more regarding it
The difference is quite notable, actually.

Luffy used Red Hawk, which is already superior to standard G2 attacks and has a bit of Dura Negation. Hody Jones took the hit and coughed blood. He relied then on Energy Steroids, some pills able to double your strength each. He took a full hand of them and ate them indiscriminately, taking at least 10 of them. He recovered his strength and stamina, transformed once again, and attempted to attack Luffy. The latter then goes "**** this ark" and uses an Elephant Gun (the most standare G3+Haki attack he has) and one-shot Hody.

The ES scaling hasn't been revised, but it's well known.

So yes, I'm positive that it'd do something that the regen can't overcome.

How does the ID work.
Cole's Low Mid is enough to heal having your internal organs destroyed and can regenerate arms after having them ripped apart

Unless Luffy literally breaks him in half with a single blow or decapitates him, (Which Luffy does not have the AP to do in a single shot) he's not one shotting by any means. Cole will definitely be heavily damaged however.

Ionic Drain like explained on his file is a massive AoE attack that rips away neurons from his opponents brain
Crushing his head is enough, as Low-Mid doesn't help you with that.

On top of that, Gear 4th is 3x Gear 3rd's limit, and KKG is far above that.

Would he open with it?
>Cole vs Luffy

Ah shit, here we go again

I mean Cole's only hope to win here is Ionic Drain since Luffy resists everything else Cole can throw at him.

If Luffy can gg that then its a stomp
Crushing the head of a dude who can turn your brain off with a gesture is a horrendously bad idea.

Cole range spams first and foremost but has no problems using Ionic Drain if his opponent gets close.
If they start at range, Luffy has no reasons to get close.

If Cole needs to get close, then he's done for. Luffy isn't a static fighter at all, and I think he would rekt him on a H2H combat.
Yeah like Monkay said Ionic Drain is his only win condition but I don't think Luffy actually resists it

The problem is Luffy outskills so I'm unsure if Cole will land it. Especially since both have speed Amps and Luffys ranged attacks IURC are punching

I dunno
I'm aware of the Ionic Drain, I meant that from a physical combat perspective, Luffy is leagues above Cole's skill.

Cole would need to get close enough to ID Luffy (he wouldn't resist this), but it's very unlikely to happen when Luffy can very well keep him at bay or just blitz him by using his version of Soru.
Oh yeah, obviously, no question.

Blitzing is useless, Cole has two different forms of speed Amps, keeping him at bay depends on if he has attacks that don't involving physically getting close and punching him.
How good are they? Because that's what matters.

Punching from a distance wouldn't compromise him with the Ionic Drain. A fist doesn't have neurones, AFAIK.

Have a good night.
They make someone who appears to be teleporting from his perspective move in slow motion.

Not just neurons, bio-electricity as a whole. You losing your neurons is kinda just a consequence of losing all your bio-electricity.
The Calaca said:
How good are they? Because that's what matters.

Punching from a distance wouldn't compromise him with the Ionic Drain. A fist doesn't have neurones, AFAIK.

Have a good night.
Sorry I had to say this one last thing but.....No your body parts absolutely do have neuro electricity, it's how they respond to the brain
I'm pretty sure having any part of your body in range will lead to Ionic Drain working since Cole now has a means of draining the energy that keeps your brain going
So the way I see it, all Cole has to do is not die long enough to fire off Ionic Drain.

Luffy's fighting style puts him at risk for this since he has to put some part of his body in range to do damage. Even putting a hand in is risky since all Cole needs is some way of getting to your nervous system (where bioelectricity is) for it to work. Cole's no h2h expert, bit his abuse of range along with constantly being on the move will make it a cat-and-mouse type deal.

So really depends on how good Luffy's precog is, cause he needs to get out of range before the drain fires off, cause if he's caught in it he won't be able to get out since his body will be shutting down.

But even if Luffy escapes the drain, Cole still has 2 more shots to use it. Luffy could use the other gears to one shot, but it comes back to the issue of Luffy needing to get in range to attack, putting him in danger for the succ, especially with Cole's own speed amps.
The range doesn't matter as everything in Cole's arsenal is useless against Luffy, like, he would be completely unnafected by any lightning-based technique he possess, and he resists fire and stuff to a good degree.

Luffy's no slouch. If he notices something is bad about that move in particular, he can adapt his style to prevent getting caught on, like he did against Crocodile who also had a one-touch killing move with his dehydrating sand. On top of that, he's prone to use anything from the enviroment to act as a weapon or a shield, like a barrell against Crocodile or a rock against Kuro.

His precog at this point is quite good. He can sense intent of the opponent and dodge Danmaku-like type of attacks with ease.
Cole is pretty used to dealing with enemies who resist his attacks. Several of the enemies in inFamous 2 had armor that made Cole's lighting attacks bounce off it. From there he usually switches to fire/KE attacks. Of course, that won't work here, but it shows how Cole can work on the fly to switch tactics. If anything, seeing Luffy no sell all his attacks will encourage him to use Drain even faster, since he's usually prone to busting it out when pressured/annoyed.

Adaptable fighting styles can be annoying for range spammers, but mobile opponents are nothing new for Cole. Kessler, Kuo, Nix, Sasha, numerous fodder enemies, all of whom used there powers to dance around the battlefield, which ranged from super speed, teleportation and turning into/using elements. Cole managed to adapt to their fighting style with his own range tactics and come up on top.

Hiding behind something won't really protect you from the drain. Basically if you're in range, you're getting drained. Weapons could work, but Cole could always deflect it with Blasts. Speaking of Blasts, Nightmare Blast is still an option for Cole to use here. The lighting aspect won't work, but the smoke, which sticks to its target, can still blind and suffocate Luffy, leaving him vulnerable to a follow up Drain.

Is it good enough to help him dodge an AoE drain? Unlike danmaku, there's no gaps to slip through.
How can you resist explosions? You either need heat or fire resistance as that's the problem with them.


Fair. However, blinding Luffy is covered by Haki, and he has faced an opponent that can suffocate people at range, so he knows that's dangerous enough to not treat Cole easily.

You can't dodge AoE unless you run away from the range.

Luffy might be able to sense that's a dangerous technique, but it's unlikely.

If Luffy enters in G4, it's game over for Cole as this one is by far superior in speed to Gear 2nd, which is able to blitz people who blitz him, and Gear 4th does the same thing.

But I don't see Luffy winning this. WCI or Wano Luffy would definitely take this, but at this point he can't, so I vote Cole.

Explosive resistance actually is a thing as it involves people with differing physiology able to absorb the KE and shockwave damage from an explosion, that said I don't think Luffy has either

Since he doesn't, Cole's explosive projectiles will actually work fine against him from range as they aren't electricity based.

But no real reason to continue, Cole FRA
The only thing that would affect Luffy from that is the KE, which is covered as Blunt Force.
Cole FRA

Literally his only lifeline here was Ionic Drain, if this were good Cole he'd be screwed. Once again showing the prowess of the Ionic Succ
Dressrosa Luffy is stronger than Cole and I could see defeating him in combat if not for that Ionic Drain. With that one ability, Cole should take this. That ability is too powerful.

Why is speed equalized when both characters are scaling to Rel+