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Ciri vs Robin (Teen Titans) 1 vote needed

Ciri can basically travel through time and teleport over short bursts.
Not combat applicable, but the teleportation is.

No idea about the skill gap but looking at their profiles they seem even.
Yeah I thought it wasn't combat applicable.

Well Robin is of course trained by the goddamm Batman and Ciri got trained by Geralt who's feats speak for themselves
I mean, if Ciri can teleport, and their skill is about even, then she seems to have a slight edge. Since Robin won't be able to land a solid attack without her teleporting. Assuming it's something she can spam.
She can definitely keep spamming teleportation like she pleases.

While the time travel isn't combat applicable, she can keep spamming that as well, as she had to do so to escape the Wild Hunt.
Slade when he was Trigon's second in command has Teleportation, though I don't know if he ever used it in a fight with Robin. Raven is also a teleporter and even if it isn't shown on screen, I don't see one of the Bat's proteges not taking advantage of training against that skill.

I'm not too knowledgeable on Ciri's skill. If someone could provide me some feats/descriptions of her CQC skills, I would be most appreciative.
Ciri was trained by Geralt (and other Witchers) in Witcher Wolf School, Kaer Morhen, who's... well, moment agoI wrote a little wall of text on who he is, maybe it will be useful xD

When she was a kid, she could already while being a human deflect her first crossbow bolt, a feat most notable for Witchers, so that's impressive

She could also somewhat exchange sword blows with Leo Bonhart at Subsonic speed, who took down 3 Witchers and stomped rest of her squad (We don't know in what way, but he could do that, and he most likely was in a duel with them since they all have enhanced hearing and smell that makes them aware of someone sneaking)

As an adult though, she has became much more battle skilled, just look at this. She sliced Caranthir who can somewhat match Geralt and Eskel (Who's equal in skill to him) in a CQC fights. Or this.

That's some amount of info
I see. Thank you. So Ciri should be incredibly skilled if she close to the likes of Geralt.

In that case, I guess I'll side with her. Her and Robin are at least equal in skill, but her teleportation gives her an edge. As she can use it to avoid all of his projectiles and attack him from impossible angles mid combat. If she was less skilled, then Robin may be able to gain an upper hand through reading her patterns and determining the most likely place she'll teleport to. But with her skill being equal, it becomes a guessing game of which Ciri will always have the upper hand. As guessing right means damage, and guessing wrong means resetting the situation with another teleport.