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Oliver exists and I completely forgot about that and his level and such.

So. Here's the fight.

Speed is equal

Takes place on a space ship flying towards The Su (ignore that last part. It's a meme.)

Both are in range

That's all. Let's see who wins

The Bear:


I'm gonna say yes. But can change if need be. Maybe if needed. She starts enraged. And he starts his form. If needed.
I'm saying, for now he is in his first key. If needed. I'll change him to his second. And Chel gets to start breaker mode. If needed.
Hmm, yeah man I dunno. Him being in Chelshia's range means the most effective weapons are melee damage and the flamethrower and Chelshia isn't a stranger to heat considering she gets hit with fire pretty easily, so...yeah dunno about that.

She has a constant speed amp she can constantly apply, is pretty good with mobility, moreso than Oliver, and can amp up her strength if she feels the need to, as well as a pretty good failsafe with her chest ability.
I don't see how his other weapons wouldn't be effective at that range. Flamethrower point I'll agree with. I recall she can be even near lava iirc and is perfectly fine, so a weaker flamethrower shouldn't yield much

How long does it take, oliver can amp himself up too.
Her berserk mode is like, instant. The way it works ingame is a little wonky but it's eh because the way it's "equipped" seems mostly like game mechanics. It's just sorta you click a button and she's in it.

Also my main point is sort of that some weapons lose effectiveness or purpose at closer range. Pulling out an SMG to attack someone real close to you is a bit clunky imo. Just doesn't sit well.
I mean her speed amp. Is that the speed amp? I'm saying he can amp his speed too.

I would say being shot yo by a shotgun or assault rifle at close range is still gonna hurt like a lot. He has faced close up combat with his guns too. So not new territory
Oh her speed amp is just as instant. Press a button and that hecking Khimera do a z o o m. Pretty spammable as well.
Oh. You mean her charge attack? That's not really a speed amp. That's a rush attack. Oliver's speed amp effects his speed entirely. As in he moves at all points
It sorta is speed amp considering she goes so much faster than she's ever really been shown to do. Like never in any minor cutscene is she shown going that fast so it's basically speed amp. It can still allow her to blitz most people.

Either way I think Chelshia takes this with some pretty good variety, some good maneuverability, a good invulnerability move, having more AP and being able to get into what's practically oneshot territory if she feels the need to go berserk, and just in general being a pretty good combatant.
That's more just a charge attack that most characters can do in those types of games. Not a speed amp to say. But I get what it does, I just wouldn't really call it a speed p.

Variety wise, well. I argue Oliver's got more to work with there. Though you are right, Berserker mode safely puts her able to one shot area. She one shots stronger people, so not reason she wouldn't do it to oliver. Albeit also makes her able to basically get one shot. And I don't know if general good combatant is a good argument agaisnt Olivier. She may have faced a pirate ship of pirates. But she didn't face them all at once, Oliver did more through rooms of huggables. And with training in canon. I say Oliver's a notably better combatant.
Chelshia has gotten rid of notably better combatants and I mean variety is a bit of a debatable point I suppose, but no going in berserk mode doesnt make her liable to get one shot. I don't really know where you're getting that from.
Like? Cause I've never seen anyone with skills that compare to that in that game. And oliver Should probably have it with his many weapons and upgrades. Chel has variety maybe in melee If we talk about melee alone.n

And yea it kinda does. Considering a gun is already gonna do a good amount of damage, and her damage she takes is doubled (which also is stated when getting it, that she does take more damage, double damage to be exact). So she definitely ain't
I mean the pirates are still pretty skilled and the pirate captain owns a gun, there's a former teacher of magic who is hundreds of years old, dancing cyborg woman, all that stuff. Chelshia also has an easily spammable ranged attack, and I don't think Oliver is gonna get away before he gets pounded.

Eeeeeh, she doesn't lose half her durability, if anything it's more game mechanics. If that's a weakness I actually have to remove it, but that's assuming she goes berserk in the first place which honestly may not even be a requirement here.
Still doesn't properly answer my question. Saying they are skilled doesn't mean they are as skilled or more skilled like you said. Which they definitely are not by what feats you've laid down for them. And in these hundreds of years, what has she done? Experience doesn't automatically = better skill. If she has good feats: that is the kind of character who could be above Oliver. And the only range I see that she has is her charger sauce attack. Which considering Oliver has to deal with dodging turrets that don't need to charge. I think her charge attack isn't the best to used.

No it isn't. It's literally stated that her durability being lessen is canon. That's apart of Berserker mode. She takes double damage when hit.
Once again don't want to get into a big debate. I'll post the things that Chelshia can do and the advantages she has.

Bigger AP, potential to one shot with berserker mode, invulnerability, higher durability (I believe guns begin to matter less from 8-C onwards unlike the lower tier 9 stuffs), more variety at the range she's given (Oliver just uses a lot of guns, which can be interrupted unlike the saucy shot), better mobility.

Expeirence I dunno becuase I don't know Oliver.

At most Oliver has more skill and range but the range isn't going to be a big issue becuase Chelshia can still chase down Oliver rather simply.

And that is all I have to say. Chelshia bashes him a few times, maybe going berserk if she has to, but in general bashes him enough times 'til he dies. She wouldn't die in one shot in berserk mode either way. Hell she wouldn't even be baseline. She'd be something like 28 tons and unless Oliver oneshots people who are his exact equal (and therefor needs a massive revision right now), he's not going to oneshot Chelshia with a single bullet, and Chelshia can likely use her chest form to become invulnerable before she gets shot anyways.
She does not have better versatility. Oliver's arsenal offers way better. Again, charge shot does not help at all.

Oliver has experience probably. From how old I hear she is, Oliver's been doing it longer

More skill, range, experience, versatility, and activation. And that would require also her not getting shot up close. His guns would still kill her given the chance. Up close or not. A shotgun will make her feel quite not alive

Yes she would. Definitely couldn't take a hit from his guns in Berserker mode. Especially since he wouldn't stop at one bullet. A shotgun says no and kills her, an assault rifle shoots rapidly. His guns can blow the heads of huggables. They only take bullets a so well due to regen and immortality type 2.

I also made this so you can actually vote on it
You're not giving much reasons why he has better versatility though. You're just saying she doesn't and he does. Chelshia can take a gunshot. Ellena, the final boss, uses them pretty well. Range isn't gonna matter much when they start within each other's range
More guns, Faster activation, automatic fire, spread fire. From a pistol maybe. But Oliver don't use pistols. And it can matter if Oliver does the backing away and shooting.