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Butters Loser Brackets: Round 2 Harvey Birdman vs Zoidberg

Time for the second round of losers to fight. This time we have Harvey Birdma from the Harvey Birdman series, Submitted by Psychomaster35, going up against Zoidberg from the Futurama series, Submitted by Whiteoak019

The Current Standings

Speed is equal

Powerless Harvey key is used

Zoidberg scales above 516,644.24 Joules

Harvey Birdman scales a bit under 516,644.24 Joules

That's all, let's get this second round done!

Harvey Birdma: 8

Zoidberg: 2

Pretty sure Harvey can fly and Zoidberg cant. Where does Zoidberg's range come from anyways? The fragrence? Because otherwise, hes still Standsrd Melee Range for his claws.
With his powers. But he does not have them. So he is stuck on the round too

And his body fluids and stench yes
Okay so Birdman should hold skill and experience and can fly, but Zoidberg has a hard exoskeleton, AP via claws (since i think sharp weapons bypass dura at this tier? idk) so its gonna be a tough one to decide
Skill is debatable. Zoidberg is comparable, Albeit still less skilled then Fry. Who is rather skilled. And Harvey is a third rate hero. So while he has skill. It's not really great skill.

Experience is a yes though
Wait. I'm going brain dead in this. I made this profile a long while back. Though, not sure how much fight actually helps. Considering he wouldn't have range options either. Considering he typically used flight with range. He is more likely going Hand to Claw with him
I think Zoidberg takes this his hard shell is gonna be hard to break and Zoidberg is probably more skilled as he shows experience in the sport of crab-plaugh
Harvey's still definitely more experienced. Skill is debatable. But counted. The hard shell will be tough
I think Zoidberg has this in the bag. not only is his shell super tough, his claws can also be lethal if used correctly. I mean he is able to he was able to hold up an airlock door with only one claw. I'm certain that if he were to grab harvy by the neck with one of those claws and clasp it shut he'd decapitate him.
Hard shell =/= more durability. It can still be cracked, and the gap is very close, its just that Harvey is slightly weaker.

And about the argument that Zoidberg can snap Harvey's head off... yeah, no. Harvey has Class 1 LS downscaling from Class 5, and I dont know what Zoidberg could even lift, so we can assume it is baseline, and Harvey will just break out of the claws.

Furthermore, with a flight and skill advantage, he would just fly up with Zoidberg and drop him, and the fragrance wouldnt really do anything, thats just for the range. Otherwise, Zoidberg is physically Standard.

I vote Harvey.
Harvey definitely has much much higher LS. Flight doesn't really help cause that kind of tactic isn't in character. Both cause he chooses to fight with lasers and fights melee if not that, and he is kind of an idiot at times. regardless. Votes counted
Dan needs a rematch with Joe. The last fight is outdated. And for some reason someone added it back even though the upgrades make it seriously outdated.
3 more.

Oh yeah, and if you get to Round 5, dont start it yet until I get back from school. I have important things to point out for my nominee there.
Jackythejack said:
Oh jeez Beavis has low-mid?
Don't be Intimidated. It's hardly that applicable. It doesn't happen likE on the spot or anything. Its over a good course of time. Same with like disease resistance. It eventually happened. It really offers good Immortality 2