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Bounty-Hunting in Fantasy: Samus vs World Guardian

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VS Battles
The Galactic bounty hunter is assigned a very interesting target. She is to bring back the Staff of Armadyl. Looks like World Guardia has it though, and Samus isn't going home emptyhanded.


SBA Save for Speed Equalized

Samus in Varia Suit

World Guardian has the Staff of Armadyl and is at 5-B

Who will gain the Staff? Can the World Guardian use its powers to keep hold of it, or will Samus bring home her bounty?

Samus Aran: 7

World Guardian: 0

Inconclusive: 0
Samus' ice beams likely help a lot, given that they're her basic attack. Wouldn't give the w to her solely because of that, but it's a start.
Not saying that having basic attacks that use ice isn't a great advantage, but WG can also use ice magic and break free of any movement impediments with Freedom.
Ice Beam freezes solid the enemy, not freezes around the enemy. (Its what makes Ice Beam a tad more op than usual Ice Manipulation.)
So this samus has ice, wave, plasma, charge beam.

Grapple beam, energy drain. Time slow, electric armor, x ray visor, power bombs, missiles, Scan visor, thermal visor, speed booster, screw attack, anything else in missing?
SomebodyData said:
Ice Beam freezes solid the enemy, not freezes around the enemy. (Its what makes Ice Beam a tad more op than usual Ice Manipulation.)
So it is an instant full-body freeze? Does it work against powerful enemies or just fodder? That seems really op lol.
@Assalt it works even on Metroids, which completely tank any of her tech on the key, so yeah it works on really op characters.

Depends, with game mechanucs no, only fodder, outside of the game like in manga and cutscenes ? Usually works fine (worked on Ridley if I recall)
Didn't forget, they just have a weakness to ice so I opted not to mention them.

Although I don't think prime is though so good point.
Phazon seems to make Metroids lose their weakness to Ice overall actually (Example: Prime, Phazon Metroids, Metroid Hatchers, etc)
I'm going with Samus. I know I almost always say this, but her ice beam, wave beam, plasma beam combination can pretty much freeze a targets DNA to near absolute zero temperatures. Ice beam should be comparable to the Judicator beam, and superior to it if stacked with other power ups, and both the wave beam and plasma beam ignore conventional durability and bypass barriers. Samus also has resistance to most of World Guardian's hax; she was immune to Mother Brain's mind control and has resisted a wide variety of elemental attacks; that grants her great resistance to durability negation in general. I also believe she's more tactical, especially with pre-recognition and scanners on her side; her other hax abilities such as time deceleration, temporary invulnerability, and resistance to atomic destruction at her disposal.
You don't think its a stomp? Just making sure.

Also one thing the WG could do is alchemize her armor. That would be a pretty easy win if WG could pull it off.
Samus's power suit is not a actually a suit of armor; it's biological Chozo DNA. It's like a second layer of skin or a shell that covers her entire body rather than a space suit. It also enhances the strength of her own DNA which is the primary reason attacks that phase through her suit don't actually negate her durability. So I don't think the armor alchemy thing would work either.

And I wouldn't necessarily call this a stomp, WG is still quite versatile and possesses great hax overall. Although, not sure where in the Planet level range he is; it might be a stomp if he's just baseline 5-B as even the Tallon IV Metroids are slightly above that at around 73 Zetatons; and they're pretty much the Planet level goombas of the original Metroid Prime. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm completely unsure if it's considered a stomp; I'll wait for others to decide though.
@Assalt + I would actually like if you could explain a little bit better the listen abilities from WG page, because they can be very, very useful For WG:

Life Energy absorption via various weapons, Curses, and Sacrifice.

Ability to apply a bleed (Will hurt the target more if it attempts to move)

Curse Manipulation via Curses (Can weaken the opponent while simultaneously bolstering his/her own)

Soul Manipulation via Smite and Soul Split (Can carve off a piece of an opponent's soul and absorb it, healing in the process)

Power Nullification via Barricade and Resonance
Alright, I'll go down the line.

Life Absorption: Various weapons, say the Saradomin Godsword for this, have the ability to heal the user for a portion of the damage dealt. The same thing goes for both Curses and Sacrifice. They harm the enemy and heal the user. Curses and Sacrifice can be used at a distance, unlike the weapons that can do this.

Ability to bleed: The WG will strike the target and cause them to bleed. If the target remains stationary the target will not be hurt much, but if they move the target's blood will be lost at a far higher rate, killing the target faster.

Curse Manipulation: WG can drain the target's strength and power from a distance, lowering it while gaining power based off of how much he has drained.

Power Null: Barricade causes any affect of an ettack to fail, rendering the user completely immune to damage or crowd control effects for the duration. In game this is 4 seconds without a shield, increasing to 10 seconds with one. Barricade is an ultimate though, so if he uses this he can't he Immortality to resurrect himself or use this again for a minute.

Power Null 2: Resonance is an ability that allows WG to become immune to any crowd control effects by the next attack. If this attack deals damage, WG is healed for whatever damage it would do.

Does that clear anything up?
That's actually very good, WG could constantly weaken her with curses, bleeding, life absorption and soul manipulation (The latter could actually one-shot her) and he would constanlty amplificate his stats, heal himself and render himself inmune to her attacks.

There are some other stuff that can also help a lot, let me some time to make a new-gument.
I forgot Soul Manipulation: Basically WG can absorb a piece of the opponent's soul to deal himself. He can do this with each and every attack he makes. Also the Staff of Armadyl (which he needs to gain his 5-B stats) can drain the Soul of even a character than resist soul manip and applies the Life-stealing effect that Sacrifice and the like give to all attacks.

Unfortunately there is still the Ice Beam. Unless WG gets Resonance/Barricade off on as she fires it he still dies from that (unless he has Immortality active, in which case he also instantly comes back to life).

Would Samus lead with Ice Beam in-character?
Samys can do the same.

Dont know.

Dealt with power drainers before, not the same kind but regardless.

The last can be worked around, scan vusor tells her about this. As well as telling her about the other abilities.
Yeah, not sure about Soul manipulation, but she can absorb and manipulate life energy, and she has resistance to atomic destruction as mentioned above. Samus usually leads with her arm cannon; and all of her power ups are pretty much stacked; meaning Ice beam, Wave beam, Plasma beam, Charge beam, Long Beam, Spazer beam, ect are all combined together. And she can also spam it with infinite ammo. I'm also positive that Samus oneshots tbh.
Oh. So she constantly has that turned on. Man that is freaking crazy. So WG can't get hit until he has stalled enough to drain her and unleash his abilities... that seems unlikely. That said WG does have ways of winning, so I don't want to declare this an outright stomp.

Edit: Does Ice Beam need to hit flesh to work, or will hitting armor/a shield still freeze?
It can be turned off if needed but it's auto set on, she can also create a shield of shots with ice beam shots that curcle her. The range is also huge, stellar AOE.
Considering Samus also has wave beam in combination of the ice beam, it basically phases through the shield and armor.
Samus seems pretty freaking OP lol. I think I picked the wrong fight for WG. Ice Resistance or bust when fighting her.
Assaltwaffle said:
Samus seems pretty freaking OP lol. I think I picked the wrong fight for WG. Ice Resistance or bust when fighting her.
Nah, most of her powers are stacked to her beams, if someone can cut off her arm cannon, whe will likely loss 80% of her offensive abilities /:
How? She can punch ya hard enough to bust a star.

Speed booster, eltrcro armor and screw attack grant invulnerability, grapple beam and grapple drain, time slow power bombs, and more aren't tued to that

Out of all the ways that ya could by pass ice beam why would cutting her arm off be one of them?
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