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Blonde fetish vs Stoned game developer

Huh? I saw someone said God Genm has a wincon with Reinhard, So pick a match with Merc seems not much different doesn't it? And also has prep time too.
If it is mindbreak type of mind hax then sure, Merc would stomp him in that case.

Not even sure if turning Merc into a zombie would work here.
He doesn't have a body, he doesn't exist, what he is fighting is something compared to the shadow of the true Merc residing on the throne.

It's like a shadow made of Mercury or something like that
But Genm couldn't just create a Game that make him possible to hurt Merc? I mean, that was the thing that make Maximum God X so dangerous and it's something that Gemn's godly talents could do. he in least of a day manage to counter the Reset of Chronos and at the same Time recrearte Hyper Muteki, imagine what he could do in a week with Maximum God.
It is possible but it is pushing the boundary of NLF already.

While I am debating for Genm, all the abilities I bought up are usually the thing that he have created before. Besides, I dont think that anyone in KR verse can interact with Non-Existence physiology.
That's why I call Genm Lv.Billion NLF God. His abilities are NLF materials.

As for NEP, can't OOO interact with NEP peoples, becuase of his Conceptual Void?
But that's the Main advantage that Genm (and Rider Gamer) has. In they games areas, what dominate them are the Game Mechanichs of their Gashat. That's why Novel Mighty X was so powerfull.
Even assuming any of his stuff works on Merc

And he somehow manages to take down the avatar without being hit with passive High 1-A mindhax

The true form just sends another sensory
Not really how a God's Sense of Touch works, at least not in the case of Mercurial Snake. The originator God in this case doesn't just simply wily nilly spawn them and they're ready for action. Sensories are for the most part a human existence born regularly like a normal human does without realizing they're just mere prolongation of a God. It's only when they awakened that they cease to be an independent existence and became nothing more than an extension of their true selves, gaining some sort of power and all the memories of the real deal in the process

Regardless, i don't see how Kuroto can win this
Mercurius speaks to Dan causing him to believe attacking Mercurius would cause immeasurable disaster and then Merc can either turn him into a chair or yeet him into some place beyond creation.