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Blackbeard (One Piece) vs All For One (My Hero Academia)

419.7 Megatons of TNT (Blackbeard) vs 4.82 Gigatons of TNT (AFO), however, Blackbeard should be at least 25 times faster, so he should put up a good fight.
If speed isn't equalised then All For One destroys Blackbeard, making it a stomp. If speed is unequalised, then Blackbeard can dodge all of his attacks and hit All For One lots of times, making it hard for All For One to keep up.
3 Gigatons. 419 Megatons is 7-A, not High 7-A.

25x faster is enough to blitzstomp.

Prime AFO is featless. That's why we have never concluded this match. We don't know how he fights.
Madotsuki24 said:
Isn't it still an AP stomp for AFO though?
We only know that he was much stronger back at his prime, but the exactly difference of strength is unknown.
It's a guess battle as Prime AFO is unknown. We don't know what Quirks he had at the time, so no, it can't be added.