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Bill Cipher/ Pure hearts revision

Bill ciphers is pretty minor, but it should be specified in his profile that he did not create a rip in reality, he merely made a pre-existing one larger. The pure hearts should have fate manipulation due to them negating the final stages of the Dark Prognosticus, a prophetic book, and fixing all of the recent damage done by it.
Um, are you literally making a content revision for two verses at the same time?
They are minor revisions and I'm already following enough threads rn so yeah. I'm intending on having Cipher fight pure heart enhanced Mario so I checked both profiles for stuff wrong with it. If there were big issues I would have done 2 separate threads but there weren't any
They would be minor if you knew they were correct and ready to be added, you never know when other user may come up with something new about a topic or even derail a bit to adjust things around.

For the Bill thing a wording needs to be proposed and then accepted, for the Mario thing adding any ability needs evidence for it.